Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Weird Class & Oh Daddy

Two stories, one post.

Last night at crap financial accounting:

There's a guy that sits next to me in class whose name is Jake. I really don't know him well at all. I mean, I throw in the random comment, but it's just so hard to carry on a conversation because he smokes and the smell bothers me a lot. Petty, I know. He didn't buy a book at the beginning of the semester so he just looks off of mine. Anyway, I decided to forego my usual chicken potato burrito (sans lettuce) from Taco Bueno and just have a boatload of caffeine in the form of a 20 oz. Dr. Pepper. 20 minutes later and 80% less DP, I'm furiously taking notes and trying to understand the double-declining depreciation method. Jake leans over and apparently says, "Can I have a sip?" I say apparently becuase I really wasn't paying attention to what I thought was probably just another smart ass remark that is so inclined to mumble. "Uh-huh" And so he took a sip. Do you do this to people generally? Because it seemed REALLY out there. I then offer for him to just have the rest because I figured I was all done. OK, I was really thinking that the bottle was going to smell Jake-y and he said "No, I don't really like DP, it's too sweet." WHA? Did he just ask to see if I WOULD let him have a sip or someting? It makes zero sense to me. I managed to choke down the rest of the pop (excuse me, Houstonians--SODA) and will remember to NOT have one in the for the rest of the class.


So there's a guy named Dre that lives two doors down from me. He has an eviction letter on his door. Which is sad because he seemed like a really nice guy. Before M moved out next door, we would go to the apartment gym and workout together. One time we were coming back, and Dre was apparently being "really nice" with a female in his apartment living room. There were a couple of "Oh daddy"ies yelled out. M and I listened for a good 30 seconds and then she actually went up and KNOCKED ON THE DOOR! Then we ran away. I told her not to do it. No real connection here except I guess the stud will be leaving the neighborhood. And I can't really look at him and NOT think of the voice of the woman. heh


Chris A said...

totally understand about the smokers smell. Everyone that is around me smokes. I cant take it, but I always feel like the parent when I have to say...

"Go outside with that." "no smoking in my car! Put it out."

The worst one of all.

"I know I just got here, but I have to go. bye."

Because there is no way im sitting in an apartment with multiple people somking. I might as well sit in a gas chamber.

Giselle said...

You know, from your stories and what I've heard myself, people in our building have a lot of sex.