Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Throwing god around

"At Sun Apr 03, 03:34:01 PM CDT, ET said...

Rachel, I think this whole envisioning of everything as a penis is very telling, don't you?"

Yes! It's telling that:

a) I have a dirrrty mind
b) The clown guy does, too
c) Cindy, my co-worker, had one first
d) Balloons are evil
e) I probably need to dig out that % off coupon

But...not everything is a penis, Freud...I mean ET. Some things are pink elephants.

"At Sun Apr 03, 03:45:43 PM CDT, Christopher A said...
This is your upstairs neighbor! That is what I would like to be called too. Nothing else, unless you want thr throw the word god in there somewhere.

Bring me cookies tomorrow night. Wear somthing cute and maybe just maybe ill let you have a bite of my mac and cheese!

At Sun Apr 03, 10:46:41 PM CDT, Christopher A said...

This is your upstairs neighbor again! Look I have to tell you this. I stole the trampoline. Thats right it was me. I found that it works well when I throw my trash out the window. Catches it quite nicely."

Alright, I'm going to try to cover all that in one statement: Good god, you can throw your trash on the trampoline a long way to my parents' house, but while you're doing that I will be barfing up the mac & cheese you made while wearing my sweaty non cute gym clothes.
That didn't quite work, but oh well. I tried. A for effort? And, I don't think I know a Christopher A from real life? Sorry if I do and I'm having a brain fart.


Chris A said...

Well, jokes on you! Because I didnt make that mac and cheese. It was just easy mac and pepper. PLUS, I stuck my fingers all in it. thats right.
Oh yeah, and the trampoline is really buried in a hill in northern Arkansas. Its a hobby of mine to go up in the hills sometimes and bury things. Once I looked for arrowheads...

(Okay, 'A' for effort, but I want an 'A+' for having to revert to childish like behavior)

ET said...

I am totally confused. Who made macaroni and cheese?