Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I saw the creature finally!

"At Tue Apr 05, 03:47:31 PM CDT, Chris A said...

...Because there is no way im sitting in an apartment with multiple people somking. I might as well sit in a gas chamber."

~Rachel says: Funny thing about smoking is that I don't so much mind being in clouds of it. I don't enjoy it, but it's something I can live with temporarily. When it comes, however, to "eating" it from a Dr. Pepper bottle, that's a different story.

At Tue Apr 05, 04:25:37 PM CDT, Chris A said...

...(Okay, 'A' for effort, but I want an 'A+' for having to revert to childish like behavior)

~Rachel says: You mean childlike in that you won't make your profile public? See, if I don't obviously know the person writing the message, just leaving a random name is almost like posting as anonymous :)
This is the different view from the balcony of my 2nd floor apartment.

Don't come stalk me (unless you're Kavon) because I have a KILLER dog! Is like...a retention-like pond/marsh/something. There is a steep hill going down to it and I've slid/fallen on my butt multiple times because Old Navy likes to make slick bottom flip-flops. I took Shelby out for her nightly peepeepoopoo stroll and I saw something in said marsh that looked a whole helluva lot like a big snake head. I'm talking like 9 inch diameter here. My friend Kelly had just sent me a picture of a supposed snake caught in Oklahoma that was h-u-g-e. I checked on Snopes-there was nothing, so that means that it is potentially true. And I'm not snake phobic, but I don't want to be around snakes too much. It took me about 3 minutes of watching this thing to finally decide that it was in fact the beaver that has made a dam in the marsh. Then I was a little bit excited because I've never seen a beaver in the wild before. I wonder what else lives there. The beaver leaves about 2 minutes after Shelby and me watched it. Then this guy on the 3rd floor who I see smoking on his balcony but we've never talked says in a very suggestive voice down to me, "You know, I love beaver." I scoffed and "snaked" on back to my apartment.


ET said...

Damn! I was going to say "insert obvious obligatory beaver comment/sexual innuendo here" but your f-ing neighbor beat me to it. Mine was funnier, though.

Chris A said...

No, I was referring to the childish delivery of my last comment.

True I dont have a profile nor do I even have a blog for that matter. I dont click the anonymous button becuase im "Chris A" AKA "Christopher A" So I guess that will rule out almost anonmous, considering that is my true name and middle initial.

I appropriately click the "other" button. Because its "almost like posting who I really am. :)

oh yeah, on a side note. The title "Throwing god around". Brilliant!