Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hot & steamy (& Replies)

At Fri Apr 01, 07:10:16 PM CST, ET said...
Maybe you should TAKE him some cookies...he might stop being a prick and you could eventually get married or something. Oh, and throwing trash off the balcony violates the Landlord-Tenant Act re santitary conditions. We had a neighbor who threw her leftover food and garbage (of an edible -- and I use the term loosely -- variety) off her balcony into the courtyard daily. Have I mentioned the joys of home ownership?

Sorry, ET, the fact that someone would actually throw trash over the balcony is SO unattractive to me that I couldn't end up married to him. And it reminds me of the stories I heard in the err..some other centrury where they'd throw bedpan stuff into the streets from balconies. And the joy of home ownership includes much stuff I'm not ready for, once again! Just rememer I'm a tad bit younger than you AND single. :)

At Fri Apr 01, 11:05:39 PM CST, BKDotCom said...
yup, squabbles between home neighbors always end with cookies.

When I lived with my parents, a squabble of another neighbor actually ended with the neighbor in the receiving end of the squabble (and the one we liked) earning a tract of land about 5 feet wide. And if you watch Desperate Housewives they'll have you believe that squabbles should end with sex or death.

I own this. (Does that look too light to be tea or is it just me? eww!) I use this as my P.W.J., or personal water jug. Meaning, no one else drinks out of it because it is Rachel contaminated. On the 29th, I washed my hands in very hot water to get off raw hamburger meat germs, lightly dried my hands, and went immediately to the PWJ for a drink. My hands and/or the jug steamed like you see dry ice doing. I just never thought about doing it like that. I could totally use that to scare the young cousins when they come to visit from Dallas again.


BKDotCom said...

My Guess: Apple Juice

Mags said...

omg. i forgot about the pwj. and you really made me crave macaroni and cheese with your neighbor running to the kitchen comment.