Friday, April 29, 2005

Moose head

Roommate situation/redneck moment of the week collide:

Last week at the gym this woman that works out there often (and who looks a LOT like my aunt Donna) told me that her daughter was looking for a roommate. It was a freakish coincidence because I've never been asked out of the blue like that before. So, I met potential roommate last night. She's a very chic girl and one of those people that made me feel eternally nerdy. She looks a whole lot like Kirsten Dunst plus a 5 years. She has a boxer named Moose and she's long-term babysitting her brother's Corgi/Lab mix, Webster. Webster is a great dog name. Webster looks like a polar bear. I find it odd that the dog's name is Moose because last Saturday I dropped off my friend Jason at the mall and when I was leaving to go back to my apartment, this truck was in front of me. It's another classic redneck moment in history. And Dad, DON'T get any bright ideas!


BKDotCom said...

So, is "Kirsten" single?

chris a said...

I think Kirsten Dunst has really grown up to be a hottie. She is the only reason I watched Superman. I didnt know this till today, but im older then her. Only by two years though.

{end transmission ..and drulling}

ET said...

Kirsten Dunst was in Superman? I know she was in Interview with the Vampire (an eternally bad movie), and she has grown up to look like a man. LT says one of those chicks (either Dunst or Reese Witherspoon) is rumored to be "not playing on the heterosexual team" although putting up a good front. I'm just saying.... I wouldn't do either of them. Ick.

My sister has a Corgi puppy. Her name is Finn. (The Corgi, not the sister.)

Rachel said...

Not my Reese batting for the other team? She's definitely on the top 10 "girls I would do if my door swung that way" list!

BKDotCom said...

Chris is simply confused.
a) he's really in love with Margot Kidder (grrawl... haggard and crazy)
b) he meant the other S-man: Spidey.

chris a said...

YEAH, im just simply confused. I did mean the other s-man Spiderman.

And let me just say. Kirsten Dunst is HOT and VERY "do-able". Reese Witherspoon is HOT too. I like the movie Pleasantville and Little Nicky. Yeah, that hot angel outfit...