Thursday, April 28, 2005


Despite what I may complain about on here and the rudeness many of you presume I have, I really do try to think positive and happy thoughts. I'm also a good, nice person. So, in light of my credit card fraud/potential identity theft situation, I had to think of something positive about the whole ordeal. I have no idea how Mr. Stealer chooses his victims. Yeah, I'm calling Mr. Stealer a guy...because I don't want to blame it on a woman. I'm going to go on the assumption that Mr. Stealer has some kind of criteria for choosing his victims, though. And I've decided that Mr. Stealer thought I had a high credit card limit of like $1 million or something. In the very least, he probably didn't think I was trailer trash with one of those prepaid $500 credit limit cards. So at least I don't look completely cheap, I guess. I'm going to have to think of something better than that.
We get a lot of catalogs at my work. Most of them are normal. It never fails that ABC Distributing has something to sell that is totally useless, redneck in nature, or just a bad idea. So from this catalog, here are the two items that stood out as "OMG, you SOOO need to buy this for me because it's so funny":

I prefer Spongebob, but Dora would be acceptable.

This needs to be in every home in America.


ET said...

Great...with that camo I'll NEVER be able to find the lightswitch!

I did order ONCE from ABC Distributing, but only out of desperation because they had some cute figurines of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (yes, from the Christmas cartoon) and no one else had them for under $150.00 (EACH!). They are actually quite cute. But I don't even look at those catalogs when my secretary gets them at the office. Oh, and they took FOREVER to arrive...kept getting delayed for odd reasons.

chris a said...

I say vent at will. Who cares what others think. :)