Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Credit cards suck!

Have you ever noticed that when you really really need to talk to a friend, no one is ever available on the phone?

I swear if I ever find out who did this, I will rip their balls out (male or female--oh, I'll find them alright!), boil them, and make them eat them. I think it's justified.

I was supposed to go over to see a house in Brookside to live in so I called the girl and left a message. I decided to take a nap until she called. But what happened? I got a phone call at 7:45 from Brian in Phoenix, AZ, with Discover Card. Mind you for about the first 5 minutes when I wake up, I'm in sort of a haze and I'm not sure what's real and what's not. And because I'm really really bad at memorizing people's voices that sound generic, I figured he was just some guy playing a joke. Here's the important parts of what I remember, though:

B: Rachel, this is Brian from [blah blah] and we need to know the last place you've used your credit card.
Me: What? Who is this?
B: Like I said, this is Brian from Discover Card here in Phoeniz, AZ. Did you use your credit card today at Quik Trip, Triangle Car Rental, Walmart or Sam's Club, and....(can't remember).
Me: Quik Trip yes, but that's all.
B: Well, someone is using your card number to make purchases in North and South Carolina.
Me: (finally waking up and realizing the acute crappiness of this situation) oh my holy....oh dear
B: So, on this account ending in 0701 I'm going to read you a list of charges and you tell me if you used it there or not, ok?

Moral of the story, multi-thousands of dollars are being spend on a credit card that doesn't even have my name on the front. Some like J Wilson or something. Brian said it'll take 90 (!!!!) days for the fraud department to work things out but what probably happened was that they stole it when I was at a restaurant or at an online site I've recently used. The only online place I've used in the last...4 months is and And I just really doubt it's from there. Which means...some bastard of a waiter/waitress took my card away and stole my information. Now I'm trying to think of everyplace I've been in the last 30 days eating out and where it could have been. BKDotCom...I really think you might have dodged a bullet here. Cause Tim just had that look, right? Where else? IHOP? They scan the card in front of you and I would have noticed. I can't even log into my account to see where else I've eaten 'cause it's all deactivated, darn it. I don't even remember where I ate before that. ugh.

I realize I'm only liable for up to $50, but I also listen to Clark Howard. And I now need to get a copy of my credit reports to find out if osmething more ominous is happening here. Like hopefully someone didn't use my social security number or anything to say...I dunno, destroy my very high 700 score. Credit bureaus are notorious to be crappy about fixing things. So, I get off of the phone and call my dad back (who called 2-3 times during the call to Discover) all crying and upset. Then I try to call 8 of my friends, NONE of which picked up. You guys suck. I'll keep you updated on what happenes and who gets the guillotine to their privates.

I really want some ice cream, but I'm all puffy-faced. Why don't I have any in my apartment?


Tiffany said...

My mom had that happen to her once, except she rarely charges anything, so she knew exactly where it happened. Someone took her credit card number down and used it at some Peace Pipe smoke shop in New York. Although, in their case, Visa took care of it in, like, a day. When I had some crap happen with my credit card, Mastercard fixed it within a couple of days, so I don't know anything about this 90 day crap that Discover is telling you.

Rachel said...

The accounts are all closed, but the resolution with the "detective" person to try to find out where it happened/press charges if they decide to do that could take up to 90 days.

ET said...

I don't use Discover, and Visa takes care of everything for you and I have never paid even a $50 charge. Also, I once had someone somehow get my phone card (???) or charge a bunch of out of the country phone calls to my number...over $700 worth. The phone company called me (since I don't EVER make LD calls) and took care of it. But credit cards don't suck. Interest on credit cards sucks, but if the guy/girl had taken your CASH, you would be totally out the money. Period. Credit cards, then, are GOOD. But if you find out who took the info and from where, let us know! Bastards!

Rachel said...

I'm not saying that I will be charged $50, but legally that it the maximum amount I would be liable for. Discover did take care of everyting. I'm quite certaint that my MasterCard and Visa wouldn't have. :(

Giselle said...

I'm sorry you were so upset. I'm pretty sure you're over it by now though.

I just had someone charge about $1,000 at Wal-Mart with my card last month, even though we had both cards with us. So the same thing that happened to you must've happened.

This reminds me I should actually check on that and see if they fixed it like they said they would...