Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sick Rebound

"At Fri Apr 15, 04:23:13 PM CDT, Chris A said...

...Lots of ugly people, even sexy people without talent, make it in the business..."

Uh-huh, but we're voting on this one, that's what makes it different than some executive finding some ugly guy on the street. Unless you think the votes are rigged, too? I don't care too much. So, Chris, since you're unwilling to post a profile or email, will you at least tell me what state you live in?

At Fri Apr 15, 04:35:44 PM CDT, Merovingianne said...

You're joking, right?
Actually, I don't blame you, I blame the media and BS shows like ER that make the medical procedures seem risk-free. You don't want to experience pain? Just imagine how you will feel after someone has cut through your body, layer by layer. At least the pain of childbirth is over after the kid pops out!

BTW, the bladder control issues tend to even themselves out in the long run. But don't take my word for it!

Umm...the whole point in the matter is that she was told she could have an epidural for the duration of the pregnancy and then the bait and switch happened. If, at month 2, I found out that I couldn't have a epidural or whatever, I'd be fine with that because I'd have 7 months to prepare myself and whatnot. Anyway, ET and Merovingiannne, it is NOT the pain of actually giving birth, regardless of if it's vaginal or C-section, that frightens me. I mean, it would be NICE if either one of those situations could occurs pain free like we're led to believe in whatever show I don't watch. Because, honestly, watching Birth Day episodes (NOT a regular basis, but if they're on...I'll watch out of the corner of my eye) makes me never want to have one because they make it seem like all pregnancies are undesired. Anyway, I found this article on either WebMD or Mayoclinic that talked about how like 10% (or a number high enough to make me cringe) have issues from vaginal birth that are NEVER resolved. MOST involved bladder issues, but some involved bowel issues, scar issues from the cut, doctor screwups, and a few other things I can't remember. The point was that I KNOW I'm a low luck person, and so I'd be the one that something like that would happen. Anyway, it's pointless since I can't find the article. And your description of the cutting through my body layer by layer doesn't really gross me out at all. I've had a couple of elective surgeries and some tests that people apparently seem to think are worse than giving birth and it just did nothing for me. I'm a tough gal, I just want to be able to pee when I want to when I'm 50. :)
The scene: Rachel's apartment, Friday night, movie on TV (Blues Brothers)
The player: Rachel
The action: Rachel decides ½ way through the movie that she HAS to go to sleep at 10:10 on a FRIDAY night because she is way tired. Thus, she does, wakes up at 6:00 am and is back at her apartment after walking her dog on a the brisk trail for 5 miles in time for most normal people to just be getting out of bed.
The verdict: Rachel is a LOSER (or is recovering from being sick and shouldn't feel bad about herself for falling asleep at 10:10 on a Friday night)

So, I'm on the phone this morning with the vet trying to get Shelby's yearly shot/exam/whatever they do scheduled. And the receptionist asks me if she had her DHP or her DHHTP or something like that and I said I had NO clue. She replies, "Well, let me pull her chart for you." Like she's a human and I'm the mommy. Good stuff.

I hate getting sick. Even more than that, though, is the refueling period after getting sick. What do you talk? I weigh myself every week and chart it. Just because I can. And since I got sick starting Tuesday morning and my weigh-in day is Monday, I had something to work with. During the days of not eating, sleeping, being sick I lost a total of 6 pounds. Wonderful? Not at all! Because I know that means my body will go into overdrive. And it has! My body is trying to make me drink and eat all of that 6 pounds at ONCE! Voracious appetties and heavy fluid drinking habits are just painful. I wouldn't/don't make a very good binge eater or drinker.


ET said...

Okay...I have a couple of comments here. First re the "bait and switch," which would you rather months of dreading that you would not get the epidural OR a brief surprise at the last moment when it will all be over soon anyway? Quite frankly, the way they described it to me was no fun, and then I didn't get it until it was too late anyway. And second, (appropriate given the title of this particular post) I was sick as a dog (your dog, apparently) for at LEAST the first five months of pregnancy AND virtually every morning for the entire pregnancy. I would dread THIS more than any sort of delivery procedure... and I would NEVER do it again, if just for that reason.

As for the bladder issues and whatnot that you keep describing, I have never heard of this happening. I suppose it's POSSIBLE, and they do have you do Kegel exercises to "firm up" in that area post-birth, but not for THOSE reasons. No one who I know has had anything like that. (I know, I expected the "it didn't happen to me" responses...)

Oh, and I WISH I could ever fall asleep at 10:10. I have terrible insomnia!

Chris A said...


Blog: Chris A, thank you for joining me today. I know you dont like to give interviews and that you are a very busy man.

Chris: Your very welcome, now lets get started. I have to be at the playboy mansion soon.

Blog: Okay Chris A, how did you get to this blog?

Chris: A few months ago I was watching the tube. I heard a comment made about blogs and how popular they have been getting. I started looking at them. Clicking around, reading, commenting, and a lot of disappointment. Then I started looking at personal blogs. Its almost like reality tv. I found this awesome blog.

Ofcorse, I thought it was great because this guy is very funny and real. Still clicking around at personal blogs. I stumbled arcoss a blog called "Oddities Abound." I read the head line and decided to read on.

Blog: Thats great Chris A, but who are you?

Chris: Well, im Chris. The 'A' is my middle initial. My full initial spell CAB, but thats lame and I didnt want to use that.

Blog: Fine, we know about your name, But we want to know about you. The man behind the name.

Chris: Okay, you want my stats. Well, im 6'4 and have short brown hair with two blue eyes.

Blog: What about the person you are?

Chris: I'm a very outspoken, free minded, able to compromise (on most things) kinda guy. I love life and strive to be positive all the time. I have many hobbies, including photograph, nine ball pool, working on my car, downloading music for all my friends, (because we all like things that are free) playing the card game texas holdem, and I never bluff! ;)

Blog: Great stuff Chris. How old are you?

Chris: I will be twenty four years old on May seventeenth.

Blog: How about your political standing?

Chris: I am in the middle leaning left.

Blog: The question that everyone wants to know Chris A. Where are you from?

Chris: I reside in North West Arkansas. I was born in a hospital in Rogers. My grandmother moved here from Chicago. Soon after so did my mother. She wanted to have kids and raise then in a nice and crime free area.

Blog: Cool, who are your kin and do you have a girlfriend?

Chris: Im single and im tired of all these questions. Why are you giving me the third degree? Where is my agent?

{Chris exits stage left}