Monday, April 18, 2005

Stiletto Embarrassment

What is it with guys that work at radio station being jerks? Or guys in general but more so at radio stations/anything that is more public. I work on the 2nd floor and nearly always take the stairs but today I was carrying my purse, a pitcher (to make lemonade in), and my backpack that is really heavy today because I put a book and my lunch in it. I didn't think I could open up the door to the stairs and the elevator was open, so I took it. I'm in there and the two other people say floor 5 and I say 2. The guy standing next to me, who's in his 50s, HITS my arm HARD and says, "Two? You're lazy. Get your ass off here and take the stairs." I glared back at him and opened my mouth as if to say "you just hit me you jerk." That's not what I said, though. "I can't open the door with all of this stuff and it's MY CHOICE IF I WANT TO TAKE THE ELEVATOR OR NOT."

I thought that I was going to be all non-social this weekend and I was anything but. I ended up spending Saturday afternoon with my mommy. We went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, where I THOUGHT I had finally found some finials for my nekkid curtain rods for just $6, but they didn't fit so I'm out the money. Oh well. We then went to get her nails done and I went to Merritt's Bakery where I had my first ever petit four. It was sinfully good, but I have to admit that I chose it only because it was pretty and because I like the name petit four. Then we went and spent my accrued money at my favorite consignment store in Broken Arrow. More on consignment tomorrow, though.

Then Sunday Kim called and asked me to go to Old Navy with her. Let's see...I have an accounting test Monday that I haven't even read the book for, I have a whopping $60 in my savings account, I'm tired, I'm sleepy. The only logical and rational thing to do here is S-H-O-P! I end up seeing two girls I graduated from high school with, Kenda W. and Ashley L. Both don't notice me, which is fine because they didn't really notice me in high school, either. Then I run into Jake M., a guy that graduated with me, too. He's WORKING at Old Navy. He dropped out of college. I don't like to hear these things because he was pretty smart. He looks exactly the same. Then again, so do I. Ok...+10 pounds, but whatever. Kim and I then go to Famous Footwear where I buy the most ridiculous shoes of my life on total impulse:

Aren't they cute? So, I get home with the loot. I put on above shoes because they're cute but mainly because I need practice walking around in a heel that pointy. At this point I'm wearing swooshy shorts and a ripped up, bleach-stained T-shirt. Just walking around the house trying not twist my ankle. Because that's what would happen in public if I don't practice at home. I walk on the balcony to get my barking dog. Hell gets stuck in balcony floor; I don't notice this, though. Cute guy I've never seen before walking his? dog sees me. I trip trip on shoe as I try to take a step and fall onto railing. Make VERY loud clang noise. In heeled shoes. Wearing ripped T-shirt and workout bottoms. Cute guy looks and laughs asks if I'm hurt. I say "only my dignity." Grace I am not. Next time I stay inside with the blinds all closed up, holding the wall for support.


Chris A said...

Okay, just one thing. I think im going to need a picture of you in those heels and that outfit. Not to ad to the embarrassment, but just for visual effect.

Rachel said...

Nice try, but NO way!

Chris A said...

Yes way! Just asked that guy to take the picture for you! ;)

ET said...

Rachel, you're just torturing me. It's not enough that no one in Oklahoma (except the size zero girl in your accounting class) cares a rat's ass that we have NO shopping here, but now you're wearing shoes from FAMOUS FOOTWEAR? Where have I gone wrong?