Tuesday, April 19, 2005


You just can't trust people to get things right, I guess. I got to checking online on my car loan transactions and there was a $4.40 on 3/31 for "payment protection." That would be $4.40 ADDED into my loan--not in my favor. I had no clue what it is. Turns out, they had accidentally checked that I wanted the insurance so that if I die my car isn't repossessed. I figure that if I die, daddy can just use the other monies I have to pay it off and it would be no big deal. $4.40 isn't a lot per month but over the life of the loan it would add up to about 1.5 times my regular monthly car payment. Gotta check up on those things, ya know.

And in other news, I may have found a roommate. She's a med school student. That means she's probably pretty calm and dependable and I figure the worst that could happen is I end up getting cut into little pieces and then put in a black trash bag. Not so bad. Only problem is that she needs a place by like mid-May and my lease isn't up until July 23. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out.

I'd say probably 15-30% of the clothes in my closet are from consignment stores. I probably hit them up once every two months or so. When I'm done wearing a particular item, I take it to a particular consignment store in Broken Arrow, which also happens to be my favorite one to shop at. And EVERY time I'm there this scenario takes place:

tra la la looking through the shirts...la la la

Who would wear that?...flip, granny shirt...flip, too big...flip OH OH OH! I like THAT shirt. And then I take it off the rack to perform a thorough inspection of said article. Wait. That used to BE my shirt. Doh! WAIT A MINUTE!!! I LOVED that shirt when I had it, but it just didn't fit right anymore. And it's been HERE for a month and no one else has fallen in love with it? What's wrong with the people that shop here??? Or was I the only one that really liked it and everyone else is laughing at it? Where's my personal shopper when I need her?

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ET said...

I'm right here. But I am NOT shopping for you in a consignment store. = )