Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jerk Professor

ET said...
Rachel, you're just torturing me. It's not enough that no one in Oklahoma (except the size zero girl in your accounting class) cares a rat's ass that we have NO shopping here, but now you're wearing shoes from FAMOUS FOOTWEAR? Where have I gone wrong?
Tue Apr 19, 06:33:43 PM CDT

ET said... I'm right here. But I am NOT shopping for you in a consignment store. = )
Tue Apr 19, 06:29:05 PM CDT

Yeah, I'd be one of those that care ½ a rat's ass that we have NO shopping here. I'm not particularly a fan of shopping. I would totally live in Cuddl Duds if it were up to me. And, OMG!, Famous Footwear? Yeah, their system allows for efficiency. Guess what? I also own shoes from Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Dillard's, and Nine West, so I'm all over the low-brow board here. And, on the issue of consignment. SOME of us have parents that are teachers, NOT the head radiologist at a major hospital. =) What was once a needed thing from youth is now just fun. However, I won't buy shoes from a consignment store.

Today at work I had to write a check to a guy named Zandy. Add that to my mental list of "names to never name my child."

And yippie skippy, I got a 91% on my crap financial accounting test that I took on Monday, so that means that I could skip out on the final and still make a 71% in the class. I have to make a 31% 29% on the final to get a B and a 68% 66% to get an A. I like
being in this situation. AND my business communications professor wrote an email saying "Due to time constraints, I have made the difficult decision to drop Project #5. Though it is a project that I have spent a lot of time preparing for you, I feel you will be best benefited by focusing on Project #6." This is good news becaue I didn't even understand how to do project #5 (it's an online course) and when I sent him an email telling him I didn't fully understand project #3, the parts I didn't get, and why it was confusing, this is part of the email that was sent back: "Rachel, Have you contacted the placement office concerning this yet? This should be very easy. If you have really read the brochure on Marketing Yourself then how did you miss pages 14-19?"

I then called him to explain that his wording on the assignment page was confusing and he actually said, "Aren't you the girl that already has a degree?"
Me: Yes
Prof.: You should be able to figure this out! What's your degree in?
Me: Elementary education and a minor in psychology
Him: Education? Oh, well THAT expalins it.
Me: mouth wide open in astonishment that he said something so stupid

I was HIGHLY offended, but he shamed me enough to not want to ask him about project #5. I could just see him rolling his eyes "it's that stupid teacher person again." Not an image I like too much, especially considering that it's not true in most cases. And I like to think I'm at least of average intelligence. Blackborad shows that the average on project #3 was a 65% 83%, and I got 100% so apparently I wasn't the only one that didn't understand understood it more than some of my classmates. Let's put you in a room full of screaming whiny tired 4 year olds. Or would the room full of 7th graders whose hormones are raging suit you better? My guess is that with your patience and lack of understanding, you'd last about 2 minutes. IF that! Jerk professor!


LT said...

Not to be too huffy here Rachel, but ET's radiologist father is deceased and she hasn't seen dime one from the stepmother. Also, she's been on her own and paying her own bills since she was 16. The fact that she doesn't buy at Famous Footwear only shows that she's busted her butt to be able to buy what she wants.

ET said...
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