Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Upside of Fast Food Nation (safe to read)

So, tomorrow is Secretary's Day...excuse me "Administrative Professionals Day." What did YOUR company give you? A card? An email? Nothing? Well, all the girls at MY company all got $25 gift certificates to Bath & Body Works. And when I bought them last week, I promptly mentally spent mine on this. It's some really good scentage. And ET sent me a coupon so that with a $10 purchase I get this for free. Ahh..the luxuries of working for a teeny tiny company with a nice president and nice management.

Oddity: None of the women who work at my company are really secretaries but we all get something.
You can read this one regardless of your love of meat but you might not want to be eating when you read it. :)

So, on page 195 of Fast Food Nation a man is described as the "head of the Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch at the CDC." In case you're really not up on things, CDC is the Centers for Disease Control. I think that might possibly be one of the WORST sounding job titles I've ever come across. Can you imagine being at some gala and introducing your husband/wife with that job title. "What do you do?" "Why, I look at liquid poop under a microscope all day long."


Amanda Z said...

That disturbs me that all the WOMEN in your company get something. The men don't? That strikes me as rather insanely sexist of the company you work for. As if all women ought be thought of as merely secretaries with better titles.

Rachel said...

I've thought of this before. The upside of the guy's jobs: They get to wear jeans to work, they usually make more (but their job is MUCH more demanding). Thus, I guess the downside of the small company might have been found. Alright...no talking about work anymore. It'll get me in trouble some day.

ET said...

Men? What men? They don't hire men...they don't look cute in skirts.

ET said...

Amanda, I thought you were on to something there until you turn it back on the women. I think maybe it is sexist toward the MEN...they don't get something when the women DO. I mean, MY husband loves to shop at Bath & Body Works. He is addicted to the pumpkin candles and the anti-bacterial gels. If all the women in his office got stuffs and he was left out I am sure he would not be very happy.