Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Psycho cell phone

Things people have said to me on the phone this morning at work:

"Do you know where I take the cell phone to get replaced? I ran over it this morning with a lawn mower." (No, but that's pretty funny.)


"He's on the phone with his wife? Well, I guess that [the wife] takes presidents over me." (Why yes, yes she does. But you speak no worse than Dubya, so worry not.)

I went to sleep with my cell phone right next to my head like I always do. The battery was ½ charged. That is, it was showing 2 bars our of 4. When I woke up in the morning, it was showing all four bars.

Is it possible that I emit battery-charging electron thingies as I sleep? Or maybe Shelby does? Or maybe the phone is just very unreliable?


ET said...

Speaking of presidents, the AOL headline today (right now) is "Imagine a Third President Bush" with Jeb and Laura's photos just below. NO THANKS! The HORROR! The absolute horror! Pack my bags, I am moving to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Batteries will regenerate some charge if the drain stops for a while. Also, when you talk, you may notice the bars go down, but they'll come up when you stop talking.