Wednesday, June 08, 2005


You know what? This conversation starter probably won't win me over, either. I think he's/she's tried to contact me via IM a few times before but I don't think I've ever responded. So, if I end up dead, look up this person.


(18:21:16) tetee_555: once ur dead thats it,the end
(18:21:41) reharden: o....k
(18:22:38) reharden: Any reason for saying that?

And that was IT! What's up with that???


BKDotCom said...

What's with all the random people trying to chat you up?

I get zero.

I'm thinking that's a good thing.

Rachel said...

BK, I think the amount of random instant messages I get has to do something with me being female, having a Yahoo ID that lends itself to perversion, and the fact that my profile is anything but blank. Also, let's face it--men seem to be more hunter/gatherers than women. And there's nothing wrong with this. It's just that I'd say about 40% of the men that randomly IM me go about it ALL wrong!

ET said...

Creepy! Maybe someone IMed you by mistake. If you hear of any other people with similar names ending up dead, we will know.

kelly said...

ooohh..spooky! (Or maybe I just read way to many mysteries!)