Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Super Sonic Towel Head

I wrap a towel around my hair (the upside down, twist, flip model to be exact--it makes a difference in this case) when I get out of the shower. I leave it there for about 3 minutes and then take it out. Apparently I left it in there too long this morning and so I had to walk around all day with a funky hair lump near the top of my head. Very annoying!

Someone PLEASE help me out here. In my apartment complex there is a car license tag that says "MANDIRE." What does that mean? My Google searches leave me confused, so I figure there's an obscure joke I'm missing somewhere and one of you guys will know the answer.

I forgot to take my lunch to work today so I went to Sonic. Breakfast burrito combo. YUM! Has anyone else noticed that all of the Sonics have removed the ledge under the menu meant for trash? Does this annoy anyone else that tries to throw away their trash? Now instead of immediately disposing of my lard-laiden meal, I have four options:

a) Get out of car and find a trash can on the patio,
b) Leave in (new) car until I remember to take it to my apartment or fill up with gas,
c) Toss out the window somewhere,
d) take it with my to work and dump in trash outside of doorway

A is a sucky option. It involves more work. B means the trash might sit in my car for a while and make the new car smell go away. I just don't do option C unless it's a tiny piece of paper (e.g., straw wrapper), liquid, or gum. Thus, D seems the best option. The problem with this option is that I work in a glass building. I feel like everytime I get out of my car with my empty Sonic bag that there are at least 10 vegans staring out their windows at me and saying "Tsk tsk. That girl went to Sonic again! That's the 5th time this year!" Then I have to take the "walk of fast food shame" across the parking lot, up the quarter flight of stairs outisde and put it in the trash there. I'm pretty sure I stand nearly alone in my shame of eating fast food, but whatever. The odd thing is that I have no problem walking up with my Sonic drink cup. It's the empty bag that gets me every time.


Anonymous said...

One possibility: mandire is the bengali(Blangadesh) word for 'temple'. But a license plate is an unlikely place to put this word.

Rachel said...

That would be my "Google searches leave my confused" line.

ET said...

Perhaps it is someone in dire need of a man? Or vice versa? Could just be someone's name. And I can usually figure these out! There is someone who parks in my parking garage at work whose tag says: NOPT2PN

Now, I have an idea of what this means, but I would like other opinions. Any takers?

Oh, and if this person's car is his/her temple, would mine be a handbag?

R. U. Serious said...

I wouldn't worry what a vegan thinks. Most of them are pretty skinny so you can just kick their asses if they say anything.