Monday, June 06, 2005


To the list of work responsibilities/"did I go to college to do this?" add "grocery shopper." I am grocery shopper about once a month. Not that I'm at all complaining, though. I enjoy getting out of the office and having some say over what kind of stuff we have in the office.

I went to Target. I like Target better than Wal-Mart for a few reasons. It seems cleaner and more organized. Another thing that I like about Target is that they print off gift receipts as needed. I say "as needed" because I don't get a gift receipt all of the time. It's just the times that I purchase something that seems wedding or baby gift registry appropriate. I'd like to think that Target has a system set up for the gift receipts that is logical. That is, it only prints off receipts when the item is over $xx, is a common registry item, or some other quality of which I am unaware. However, here was my grocery list for Target yesterday:

I got a gift receipt. What item on this list is really registry worthy? The straws? The dish brush? Oooh! What bride doesn't need generic Tylenol? For the record, the gift receipt was definitely meant to be with me as it was in between the regular receipt and Target's list of specials for the week. I like technology when it makes sense, but this just seems silly to me.


ET said...

I used to have to shop for my office back in the day when I was a secretary. I loved getting away from my desk and getting to go shop (what a surprise) instead of having to work. Hauling everything back to the office was another matter.

As for the "Ibuprofen" would be the GROOM registering for that. Picture: He and new wife are getting ready for bed. He hands her two ibuprofen. She says "I don't need these...I don't have a headache." He says "A HA!" You can fill in the rest.

Target prints out a gift receipt with everything now. Which is actually funny because it was recently LT's birthday and I got him (among other things) a DVD from Target which, it turns out, he did not really want to see. Well, somewhere between walking from the door of Target (which is infinitely superior to WalMart, I agree -- and we are getting one this fall! HOORAY!) to my car and walking from my car to meet LT for dinner, I lost BOTH receipts. And then they wouldn't let me exchange it that night because, although they can look up your purchase if it was by credit card, it takes 24 hours to register in their damn system! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

BKDotCom said...

I have long observed that women love Target. In addition, the typical target gal is of above average attractiveness.. If only I were allowed to talk to strangers.

Rachel said...

Ahh...does that mean ET and me are above average attractiveness?