Monday, June 06, 2005


Note to future self:

Rachel, it is perfectly alright to spend $30 on a thicker doormat that won't blow away every 5 seconds when the wind picks up in the spring or during a storm.
It's a sad day. I'm being abandoned by my family and my boyfriend. My family (brothers, mom, and dad) left on their yearly tour of Backwoods America today. They don't plan on being back until July 18th or so, just in time for my cousin Shannon's wedding in South Carolina. I'm not planning on wasting vacation time to go to South Carolina where I'm sure my relatives will look at me and ask how the younger cousin is getting married before me. And really, how does one respond to that one? In this case I think I would say, "Because I didn't drop out of high school, didn't take the first man's proposal, and don't have to completely rely on a man for money." But since I probably won't be going, it matters not.

And as if the family unit being gone isn't enough (we've very close), D. is gone Monday thru Friday for the next few months as well. Some crap about master's degree blah blah at OU blah blah higher education blah blah career advancement blah blah blah. Why can't I just get my stuff together and figure out what I want to go back to school for? Oh yeah, because I got my degree in something I don't want to pursue further. One of these days, though...

Geoff, Joshua, D., and I went to see Star Whores yesterday. 6/10 for me. I don't really dig sci-fi movies too much and some parts were just so laughable. Like when Padmé says "hold me" in this very damsel in distress way during one part. It was just so corny I laughed out loud. I doubt that the people in front, beside, or behind me appreciated it. Maybe that's why I got kicked a few times. My bad. Then on the way back to my place, I asked someone to remind me who Qui-Gon Jim was. Brothers and D. totally let me sit there for a few moments and didn't correct me on it being Qui-Gon Jinn. I need to be corrected, though! There's nothing more embarrassing than saying a word incorrectly for a long time. Ok, maybe a few things are more embarrassing, but work with me here.
This stuff actually happened last weekend, but apparently my drafted posts got lost between the tail at the zoo and the paradigm shift that occured when I learned humanism was bad:

Wicker Park = 3.0/10. It was just boring and a little confusing. D. and I were really bored the whole time. Even the requisite sex scenes were lame-o.

Tin Star was pretty good, though. Different, but good. I think that they chose the name Tin Star becuase "tin" (aluminum foil) can be used in their dishes and instead of it looking cheap, it just looks clever. D and I both got meals that included fries and the fries came partitioned in "tin." There's a salsa bar. Red salsa, good--green salsa, that nasty sweet kind. Chips, great. Negative points for having grinder salt, though. And I got a "burger" that came wrapped up in a flour tortilla. It was different. I'll be back at least once in the next 5 years.


Anonymous said...

You have been away from family before, it's not a big deal. You can still talk to them on the phone, or just think about them from time time to time. But you need to find some motivation for school, eventually, or it will just get boring and become a bigger burden.

ET said...

Actually she doesn't...she landed (or re-landed) a nice job where her career is basically set. And WHO are you? Man, anonymous postings are's like talking to Deep Throat in an obscure parking garage.

Rachel, as for the family thing, you might want to start loosening the apron strings a little bit in case one day you DO get married (moi always available for ring/diamond consultation, just FYI) and his job, your job, or Oklahoma in general causes you to have to move far, far away. Not saying that you and your family should not be close emotionally...that's nice...but there are always ways to deal with long distance family.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the backup on anonymous postings and the job, ET! Anonymous postings ARE annoying. Especially since I have a limited number of readers to my knowledge and I probably know who's doing it. They're just being a "Rodney Carrington weiner."

The thing about the higher education is that both of my parents have Master's degrees and I have this inferiority thing about that. Yes, I know that's really stupid. That and the fact that I told myself when I was like 14 that I wanted to get one. Isn't "'cuz I want one" a good enough reason to get one?

And the apron strings are fairly well detached but that doesn't mean that I don't want to be around them. I've proven that I can leave them (i.e., I lived in Houston for a year and saw them less than 6-8 times, I think), but I was mainly just complaining because deep down I miss going on 6 week family vacations, uncomfortable trailer and all.

ET said...

That they are (Rodney Carrington weiner). And YES, just because you WANT ONE is a very good reason to get a Masters degree, and I don't think it even matters what in as long as you are happy. So there.

I forgot about Houston. But really you need to get out of this part of the country entirely. You are far too much like me to be able to survive adequately in Oklahoma. And WOW...a six week vacation? This is what teachers have over the rest of us (actually Europeans have it, too). I don't even get a paid vacation. Nevertheless, I had a hard time tolerating the "weekend with the girls" last year when we all went to KC to get my sister enrolled in college. I don't think I would make it six weeks. But I am way more reclusive than you -- and yet still a very social being. Weird.