Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gay Day at the Zoo

I'm not the biggest fan of zoos. But when the protégé (I like that word better than mentee-thanks, Aunt Donna) said she wanted to go to the zoo, it's not like I could say no. It's hard to get her to talk at all. And it just so happened that it was Gay Day at the Zoo as part of the Tulsa Pride festivities. In the very least, I thought I might get to see some hot lesbian make out session. It would make up for not wanting to be at the zoo. But apparently they aren't quite as liberal in that regard as I would have wanted. So, I really have nothing interesting to report from Gay Day at the Zoo. Boo. I did, however, see this bus as we walked inside. I have zero idea what it means, but I thought it was funny:

And I did manage to see someone wearing a very interesting end piece:

Regardless of if this woman was a lesbian or not, that tail is just queer. Before we went to the zoo, my plans were to take Brandi to a quasi-sit down restaurant. Back in October I was guilted into buying one of those Entertainment books from a friend. I figured that I could just use one of my little coupons to go to a random place near north Tulsa. I let her choose between five different restaurants. The one she chose, Hollywood Diner, was closed down and is now some BBQ place. So, we ended up going to Arby's instead. Where the cashier "long-changed" me and I ended up paying $3 for $8 worth of food. I didn't realize this until I got to the zoo, though. Fast food places can afford it.

Then D came over and we went to Weber's (the one on Lewis) and finished watching the rest of Coffee and Cigarettes.

Weber's = Y-U-M!
Coffee and Cigarettes = 2.75/10. It was an awful movie.


ET said...

So no makeout sessions at the zoo, but you did see a little tail. Not bad for a day's work. Maybe we can accommodate your lesbian action requirements at next weekend's's different when the show is totally theirs (and you will see some shows!). Also, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it won't be your average "Hot Girl on Girl Action" like the late-night commercials would have you believe. Most of them are just plain old girls, or butch girls (they tell me if I were gay I would be what is called a "lipstick" lesbian because I wear makeup and dress "girly"...this is hilarious to me, because in all my life no one else has ever accused me of dressing "girly."

Anywho...did you get to see the Koalas? LT is quite anti-zoo, but the Koalas on the billboards look pretty cute.

Rachel said...

I went to the San Diego Zoo 2 years ago where the Koala exhibit consisted of a couple of trees CEAWLING with the little things. It was quite awesome there. Our zoo has just two of them and they are in separate pens. They were asleep so we didn't get to see them at their cutest.

Yeah, none of the lesbians at the zoo looked like Carmen Electra. In fact, all of them that I saw were not quite what I'd want to umm...if my door swung that way.

Someone asks via email:
"Rachel, why did I only want to see girl action?"

Here come my stereotypes. Because gay guys are generally really cute. Or at least a majority of the ones I have met. To see two hot guys making out would just make me think, "Darn it, I should be making out with them.

aka_monty said...

Just popped in to say welcome to the Okieland blog ring!
Nice place...I'll be back. :)