Friday, June 03, 2005

etardntulsa is so dreamy

Last night, I went to my parents' house to steal their vacuum cleaner (which I forgot...for the 2nd time) and directly after went by BK's to pick up my mascara that I left in his car from last week's redneck wedding. I was there for about 10 minutes. While I was pulling up in my apartment complex after I left BK's and while on the phone with D., I got another call on my cell. The number calling my cell was the landline in my apartment. This confused and concerned me greatly. My dad and brothers had gone into my apartment to get something from me and they called me to ask where I was. I had no clue they were going to be coming over, especially since I just saw them within the hour. I'm so glad I didn't leave anything too embarrasing on the floor.

This conversation that took place when I was at work yesterday really speaks for itself. Note: number of conversations I've had with this person before yesterday = zero. Black text was added by me for clarification

etardntulsa (2:34:31 PM): hiiiiii just looking at your public calendar tuesday looks open maybe we could do something?
me (2:35:59 PM): I'll probably be doing something with my boyfriend
etardntulsa (2:36:20 PM): well damn
etardntulsa (2:36:35 PM): it says single and looking on your profile
me (2:36:50 PM): haven't changed it...sorry
etardntulsa (2:37:13 PM):
me (2:37:39 PM): umm...might I remind you that YOUR profile says Long-term relationship
me (2:38:47 PM): Hey....what's n2o [on your Yahoo profile stand for]???
etardntulsa (2:38:48 PM): yeah i forgot to change mine
etardntulsa (2:38:55 PM): something nasty that was in my past
etardntulsa (2:39:05 PM): nitrous oxide
me (2:39:07 PM): your past? [but your] Profile [was just] updated 5/22/05
me (2:39:10 PM): two weeks ago?
etardntulsa (2:39:15 PM): yeah i need to update it again
etardntulsa (2:39:27 PM): which i'll go do now
etardntulsa (2:39:36 PM): i used to be on alot of drugs
etardntulsa (2:39:39 PM): back in december
etardntulsa (2:39:44 PM): in rehab though now
me (2:40:21 PM): were you forced to go to rehab?
etardntulsa (2:40:40 PM): well yeah
etardntulsa (2:40:41 PM): but
etardntulsa (2:40:46 PM): i'm glad i was forced
etardntulsa (2:40:50 PM): either way
etardntulsa (2:40:53 PM): i got there
etardntulsa (2:41:02 PM): something i needed
me (2:41:05 PM): mind if I ask what happened?
me (2:41:12 PM): as in, why were you forced to go? caught?
etardntulsa (2:41:25 PM): i wasn't caught with drugs
etardntulsa (2:41:32 PM): but i was pretty high when i did my crime
me (2:41:49 PM): yikes
etardntulsa (2:41:51 PM): i had been up about 4 days on xanax adderrall and shooting dope
me (2:41:58 PM): have you looked really hard at my profile?
etardntulsa (2:42:13 PM): took one of my dads checks tried to go to atwoods and cash it for around 5 thousand dollars wroth of go carts and stuff
etardntulsa (2:42:43 PM): is there somethign i missed>?
me (2:42:46 PM): yeah...I have a blog
me (2:43:16 PM): I mean, what would have made you think I would have wanted to go out with you? The single and looking part?
etardntulsa (2:43:45 PM): well now its telling me your profile isnt available
etardntulsa (2:43:48 PM): ok
me (2:43:52 PM): it should be
etardntulsa (2:43:56 PM): i dont konw
etardntulsa (2:43:58 PM): i guess
etardntulsa (2:44:00 PM): i thought wrong
etardntulsa (2:44:04 PM): sorry to bother you
me (2:44:12 PM): it's alright
me (2:44:32 PM): Have fun on my blog tomorrow, k
etardntulsa (2:44:41 PM): blog?
me (2:44:47 PM): uh-huh
etardntulsa (2:44:59 PM): where do i go to read it
me (2:45:17 PM):

Break me off a piece of that, huh? Let me just go break up with D. first and then I'm all set! Here's what I still don't understand. When I ask anyone that does this shot in the dark dating thing if they looked at my profile really hard I'm really asking if they noticed I had a blog. It would take 2 more seconds before they IM me, right? I then tell the person that I have one and that they'll be on it. I consider this to be an opening for the guy to ask me to not blog them. Not that I want them to beg, but if an apology came up and I was asked not to post it, 80% of the time I wouldn't. The other 20% of the time I'd just X out the name so they don't get random email or something. But nope. Thus far no one has caught on to the fact that they will put in blog history. Too much N2O, I suppose.


BKDotCom said...

You can never have enough di-hydrogen mono-oxide. I assumed N2O was only for rice-burners, but I guess it's also inhaled?

Rachel said...

It's laughing gas. Inhaling/huffing/whatever it's call is a new thing to me, too.

See Just say N2O to Nitrous Oxide

ET said...

Rachel, this guy is clearly a catch! (NOT FOR YOU...YOU STICK WITH D!) Have you seen women's standards lately? I am glad you posted this, because some lucky girl is going to track down your drug-induced-hallucinogenic friend and hook up with him long term. I love it! Won't be me, mind you. I have a modicum of sense...but lots of women like a "bad boy" whom they think they can rescue. That's why therapists had to be invented!

Chris A said...

Hey there SEXY lady your public calendar shows an opening next tuesday. Maybe we could do something? I buy you fly! HAHAHA

So I see life is still moving for you girl. Sweet sweet. I have had a great run in the poker pub as of late. Winning my sixth tourny and going to the major game tomorrow. The winner goes to Vegas... I guess I should say I am going to go to Vegas. Just a matter of time before everyone sees me on tv.

And the word breastaurant has already been taken. They just call it hooters. mmmmmmmmm hooooooters...

Rachel said...

I've never been to Hooters. Am I missing out on anything?

kelly said...

The hot wings are pretty good!

LT said...

Lewis Black says we should start a restaurant for women with men dressed in tight shorts and shirts. The mascot would be a chicken and it would be called "Peckers."