Friday, July 22, 2005

longnthick6920 is still a jerk

Even though nothing inappropriate was said, longnthick6920 is still an asshat! Read the conversation and THEN look at his NSFW Yahoo profile posted at the end of conversation. (psst, Aunt Becky: NSFW means NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Or around kids in your case. Well...and work, too.) You know the drill: red stuff added by me to show my thought and clarification.

Conversation Friday, July 22, 2005 on Yahoo Messenger:

(21:30:37) longnthick6920: hi there
(21:49:13) Me: hi; do I know you?
(21:49:29) longnthick6920: we talked for a while about 2 weeks ago or so
(21:49:40) Me: hmm...I have horrible memory issues (actually, you weren't worth remembering. Well, the name was worth remembering because I remember that, but only because you can't forget a name like that!)
(21:50:03) longnthick6920: no prob....i live in tulsa....30/m (30, huh? Grow up and get a better name pervert!)
(21:50:18) Me: 24/f/tulsa
(21:50:23) Me: what brings you my way tonight?
(21:50:53) longnthick6920: i had added u to my messenger list and saw that you were on and thought i would say hi....i'm just hanging out watching tv and drinking some beer tonight...what about u?
(21:51:11) Me: worked out for an hour, just about to watch a movie
(21:51:17) longnthick6920: what movie?
(21:52:18) Me: I'm embarrased to say... (why can't I ever spell that word right???)
(21:52:20) Me: First Daughter
(21:52:48) longnthick6920: why r u embarrassed?
(21:53:11) Me: It's like a teeny bopper movie or something
(21:53:33) longnthick6920: i'm watching radio right now....nothing wrong with teenie bopper movies
(21:53:50) Me: I liked Radio
(21:54:14) longnthick6920: yeah it's a good movie........u going to watch your movie all by yourself?
(21:54:25) Me: Yep...well, with my dog
(21:54:44) longnthick6920: too!!!!!!! (I expected him to say something along the lines of "Can I come watch it with you" or "Come watch it over here" but my bait he did not take. Smart one)
(21:56:15) Me: What kind you have?
(21:56:42) longnthick6920: miniature schauzer (OMG! You don't even know how to spell you dog's breed name? And you're THIRTY!?)
(21:58:00) Me: A co-worker of mine has one of those
(21:58:15) longnthick6920: she is a really good dog
(21:58:23) Me: This dog (Shelby G!) is the only one I've had
(21:58:31) Me: my only issue with her is that she doesn't like strangers
(21:58:37) Me: but I knew that going into it
(21:58:52) Me: Anywho, I'm off to watch my movie because I have an early day tomorrow
(21:58:58) longnthick6920: is that the min pin laying on you in your pic?
(21:59:05) Me: yup
(21:59:37) longnthick6920: well you both look very cute!!!! u more so than her!!!! LOL
(21:59:41) Me: Heh
(21:59:42) Me: tks
(21:59:48) Me: I'm really gone now; have a good night
(22:00:04) longnthick6920: u too

longnthick6920's Yahoo profile
Once again, it's NSFW!

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