Friday, July 22, 2005

Thong licker

Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary = 3.5/10. I was very disappointed in this one! It just wasn't funny. And although I did get to see a little bit of the Schweaty Balls bit, there was ZERO cowbell! And I did have a little bit of a fever...

I am highly amused by the Daily Dancer.

Shelby went nearly 3 months without embarrasing me in front of Doug. That's a record for my household! Here's what she did last night:

I had a lazy night Wednesday and somehow my thong undies from the day ended up by my bed instead of in the laundry hampter. I almost always take them to the hamper becasue the dog digs undies. Shelby has a pet bed similar to this in the living room. Doug and I were about to leave to eat dinner. He walked by Shelby's bed and I was 7 seconds behind him. I heard, "Uhhh...Rachel..." and a small laugh. I walk out and here Doug is holding up my thongs by one finger. I think he pulled them from the Shelby bed, possibly even away from Shelby. Not sure on that one, though. The embarrasing part was that Shelby had been licking the crotch of said undies for a while. Oy vey!


Anonymous said...

One season of SNL was so disastrous that NBC fired the cast except Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo. They hired a new cast and were able to put ONE show on the air before a writers' strike shut down production for the remainder of the season(1980).

Usually SNL is related to the current events and values, so unless you have been watching the show from the 1990´s, some (or most) of it won´t be funny. You need to get the DVD for the next 25 years (2000-2025)

ET said...

Props for the Cowbell! We saw it on television the other of Christopher Walken, I think.

Anonymous said...

(I was googling for an article on the Tulsa Ok toe licker and came across your blog. Hope you don't mind the comment)

My dog whose female, doesn't bother with my panties but my roommates dog... ugh, one of his favorite passtimes. You also have to keep the garbage cans empty as he likes to garbage dive... I had decided it was a male (dog) thing until you mention Shelby is female.

Anyhow, my dog is super protective and goes ape-crazy when my guy kisses or hugs me. And a playful slap on the butt... forget about it. I only wish she had an undie fetish as apposed to biting my man.