Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why can't shoes come "primed?"

Primer = 5/10. That would be neutral. If you don't understand the movie, you can't very well rate it. I ain't be smart 'nuff.

Isn't Angelina Jolie's new baby just the cutest? I need me one of those someday...someday WAY in the future.

So, I got some new workout shoes Sunday and I must say that breaking in new shoes is one of my most hated things to do. Which is probably why I had my old shoes for 6-9 months longer than I should have kept them. The suckage part of breaking in new shoes comes from this: my feet are a tiny bit wider than the "average" foot, but not wide enough to need "wide" shoes. (And thank God, I don't want to buy "wide" anything!) I also think one foot is longer and wider than the other. So, when I buy new shoes I never know if the pain I experience during the first week of wearing is from normal breaking in stuff or if the shoes just don't fit. And if they don't fit, by that point I can't really take them back. Last night I ended up only walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes (it was late and the stupid A/C in the apartment gym is broken--it's blazin' hot up there; what stupid architect/engineer decided the 2nd floor is the best place for a gym? Last time I checked, heat rises.) and by the end of it, my right pinkie toe was completely numb. Numb isn't such a neat feeling when it involves toes. In the store these shoes looked nice, but on my feet and floor, they just look like astronaut shoes:


ET said...

Well, you won't like this, but I say (at least NEXT time) go down to New Balance at Utica Square and have one of their people who are knowledgeable about shoes, pronation, and such like FIT you properly for a good pair of shoes. It will cost more the first time (you can find them online cheaper), but you will then know what to buy thereafter and you will have a pair of shoes that does not have to be broken in. Mine are AMAZING. I also got a pair for boy child because they were recommended as the best running or workout shoe EVER.

Rachel said...

I'll do that next time. I didn't know Utica Square had a New Balance store. In fact, I have no clue where it is there. Hmm...

I've also heard good things about NB and must have read the same article as you about the best ever workout shoes.

Seems like they try to keep workers in the US, too from some 60 Minutes/48 Hours/etc show I've seen.

BKDotCom said...

SE area... next door to the post office.
Or, Fleet Feet (61st & Yale)... they might specialize more in the running show area though... They also do the custom fit thing..

ET said...

Yes, right between the Post Office and Williams Sonoma...on the East side of Utica Square. Drive East past P.F. Chang's and you will run right into it.