Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My dog doesn't want tube steak

Forever Young = 5.75/10. Cool aging makeup effects.

Have you seen the new commercial for Alan Cumming's fragrance yet? Here it is. Caution: ever so slight random butt flailing. Not bad at all! And he's 40!

There are a multitude of dogs around my apartment complex. 95% of them are male and I'd say about the same percentage are not neutered. Every single dog owner around my complex has told me they want to breed their dog. I don't really want to get into it (because it is not the topic at hand), but I am very much against laymen breeding dogs. Especially in an apartment. My Shelby was spayed (or is it SPAY DID, Mandie?) when she was 5 months old.

I took Shelby out yeterday to peepeepoopoo and met a young girl named Crystal. She looks to be 18 or 19. Crystal has 15 pound overbred pomeranian. See that weight part down there? This breed is supposed to weigh 3-7 pounds, NOT 15. Anyway, Romeo the Pom isn't neutered. I swear that's his name. Appropriate considering that in 2 quick seconds horny dog is trying to get it on with my virgin Shelby. Poms and min pins are both dominate dogs. Consider that briefly. While Romeo is trying to hump Shelby, Shelby is up on her back legs trying to get on top of Romeo to show him who's boss. In this process, Crystal and I are talking about where she lived before this, which apartment she lives in, etc. I look down and Shelby is on her hind legs with her front paws on Romeo's back. Romeo is surveying her female territory with nose and apparently rapturous tongue. He licks her woo-ha and Shelby yelps out what sounds like a n erotic moan of pleasure. I'm sure Romeo nibbled too hard or something. Crystal said, "Tongue there feels good, huh, girl?"

Please spaydid and neuter. I want my bitch to remain pure! Even with tongue.


Amanda Z said...

Crystal is officially creepy for making that comment.

"Spaydid" haha

ET said...

Yes...PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR DOGS! If you still want to breed your animal, take a visit to your local pound and look at all the pairs of lonely eyes begging to go home with you. Adopt one of them, or give someone else a chance to. There are enough homeless (or, worse, dead on the side of a road) animals on the planet. Looking for a purebred animal? I got a beautiful snow white Persian from the pound...after she was released from almost a month in intensive care.

BTW, I was at the tag agency on Friday and they now have a personalized "Spay and Neuter" tag. I assume that the money they make on this goes to S/N programs for underprivileged animal owners. I may have to get one of these.