Monday, July 18, 2005

Viola Appendage (Subtitle: My Ghetto Toe)

Saturday I got a pedicure at a newish nail salon that I thought would be less busy than my regular place. Wrong! Then on Sunday I went for a walk around dusty LaFortune Park with pregnant friend A.S. All the walking somehow made my middle toe color peel off. Or I kicked something. Either one is a valid option in my case. I was not a happy camper! I just spent money on a pedi just to kick off the color less than 24 hours later. But I'm not going to pay $5-8 to get my nails repainted. No siree! What was my not-so-genius solution? Repaint the affected nail in a color that somewhat matched the color I chipped off. The color that I had that matched the closest was called Viola. Results are as follows (click for bigger pic/better detail, if you're into that sort of thing):

I'm determined to have a mismatched toe until the rest of my nails chip. It's quite redneck looking in my opinion. Oh well. Note to self: next time just leave it ALONE!


Anonymous said...

If you paint the middle toe of the other foot, they'll match! It could be a new fad. Anyway, guys won't notice.

Rachel said...

That's right; they WON'T notice. They're too busy staring at my huge boobs!

ET said...

I know how you feel. About the boobs, I mean...LOL. You do know that you can BUY your polish color or take your own, right? Then you will have it on hand (if not on foot...ha ha!) to patch things up. Of course, I do all my own, ever since being stabbed in the cuticles by some Asian dude who was apparently into manicure S&M...and the articles that talk about how unsanitary those places really are. Yikes!

Rachel said...

I know I can take my own, but part of the fun for me is to choose a color I don't own. My strategy is to get a pedi, polish myself next go round, then get another one. It saves me a little money and my toes aren't really to be de-cuticleized by the 2-3 weeks after I get a pedi.

Yes, I'm aware of how nasty the places are. I just pray and try not to think abou tit (get it...stare at my boobs...ha ha! Lame. Nevermind).