Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Will somebody just take my money?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory = 8.25/10. All of the respect I HAD for the philandering Jude Law has now been transferred to Johnny Depp. I was a little bit disturbed that the oompa loompas were all played one person named Deep Roy. It was just the same digitally duplicated man over and over and over again. And doesn't Deep Roy totally sound like a porn name?

After nearly one year of procrastination, I have finally purchased a new mattress and box springs. Mattress to be delivered by daddy today; sleeping on my loveseat was actually quite comfortable except I had the worst known case of "waffle skin" when I got up this morning. When the people came over to pick up my old mattress/box springs (donation to a freecycle family via a non-profit), I was astounded to find not a single random Shelby turd under the bed. I feel sorry for Doug, though. He will probably be out of town this weekend and I dragged him around to Mathis Brothers and to Sam's WITH my dad AND my two brothers (two of his students) on our last evening together for probably two weeks. Oh, and since I have a massive fever blister (though not ugly last night), he couldn't even kiss me. Fun for him!

Speaking of Mathis Brothers, what awful customer service I received. It shouldn't have been a difficult process; I already knew what I wanted. The salesperson told us to go wait by the mattresses. The four of us (minus my dad) did just that. She didn't show up until about 10 minutes later. She neglected to tell us that she was "finishing up with another customer." Then, we had to wait at the cashier's window for another 10 minutes before salesperson could get the right number of the item I wanted. At this point I wasn't really upset, just bored and wanted to get on with the process and get on with life. Salesperson hands me the card with the ticket info on it and I proceed to stand behind a window that looked empty. That cashier was talking to a customer behind us. The second cashier was busy. The third cashier was sitting there playing with her ponytail. I actually had to walk 1o feet over to her and ask her if she was open. I guess I feel that it should be HER responsibility to stand up, look around for other people, and ask if I was ready. I felt that if I were to randomly yell out, "Hey, I've got $600 to give away! Anyone want it?" that I would get no response.

Netflix movie #2 got to me in one day. Yay!


ET said...

I have never been keen on Jude Law...my introduction to him was playing Oscar Wilde's homosexual boy toy who was a total prick, and I guess I never moved past that. But apparently he really IS a total prick. Honestly...WHO cheats on Sienna Miller? Only the hottest thing going in England (her, not him). He gave her an engagement ring and a diamond came off in her mitten and was lost earlier this year. Should have known...it's a bad sign. Dump him.

Did I mention I hate Mathis Brothers? The vulture-like sales staff, the crappy service, and one guy who told LT and I that he "wasn't supposed to let us leave unless we ordered something." RIIIIIIGHT. Sounds like false imprisonment to me, dude.

Amanda Z said...

Oh... my ... god.
It took me this long (months and months) of reading your blog to realize who DOUG is. That is, which DOUG in particular we are talking about.
I'm like reading and thinking "...'two of his students'... at GHS?"
Then, I remember that I saw his name on the GHS staff website when I was looking up teachers to send grad announcements to back in May.
How funny. :o) I'm slow.

Rachel said...

I thought Maggie let the cat out of the bag back around my May 4th post? Anyway, that should read "month and month" seeing as how we've only been dating since May 7th>.

I'm slow, too. Worry not, princess! ;)