Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BE for me!

Closer = 7/10. It starts out slow and ends up slightly faster than it starts. If you haven't seen this movie and desire to, don't read the rest of this paragraph. It containers spoilers. So, I pretty much take movies at face value and have a really hard time reading into things. Please someone tell me why she went by Alice over there when her real name was Jane Rachel Jones. I also haven't figured out if we're supposed to believe that all four of these people were "bad" or if it was just one or two and the other one or two were innocent bystanders who coped with the situations they were dealt. Hmph.

I met my unofficial Netflix quota for the first paying month--12 movies. Average cost per movie (including tax) = $1.64. Much cheaper than renting from Blockbuster.

More makeup stuff, guys can skip it. Here's some background on me. I have very oily skin. And eczema during the wintertime that usually appears around my mouth (laugh line area), chin, and on my eyelids. I wash my face twice a day, exfoliate 2-3, and now moisturize (thank, ET) at night. I was unhappy with Aveda's Dual Foundationbecause it was hard to get any on the sponge to put on my face. Then when I did get it on my face, it lasted all of about 10 minutes. This was even when I would wet my sponge to make the foundation go on heavier. I guess that's why it's called "dual" foundation. Can be used either wet or dry. At any rate, earlier this year Aveda did two things that sent me scurrying elsewhere for foundation:

1) They got rid of their stamp/reward program. It was one of those "for every $40 you spent, you get a stamp and when you get 1500 stamps, we give you $40 worth of stuff for free." Now I have a card that is nearly full and no stamp program. Luckily, they will prorate the amount to give me some free stuff.
2) They "reformulated" their colors and now nothing matches my skin tone well enough. The stuff I bought that was supposed to be the replacement color makes me look like a ghost. Not pretty.

ET has been trying to get me hooked up with "good" makeup for a while now. I'm a very skeptical person, regardless of the issue. But I was desperate. She told me that I would probably love Bare Escentuals. Four months later, I finally took her word on it and purchased the 4-piece Perfect Complexion Kit from QVC of all places. This move makes ET the absolute queen of makeup. From this point on, I trust her every word regarding girlie girl stuff. She's no slouch! She actually reads "serious" books on makeup and whatnot. That's why she's a lawyer/professor and I'm not.

BE is the best product ever! EVER! My kit came with foundation, warmth face color, and mineral veil. All product looks like loose powder, but it goes on quite different. Almost like a liquid. You use a special brush that fits into the cap of the tubs and then you use the "swirl, tap, buff" method to get the minerals onto your face. Where they STAY put, even after a workout. It goes on light and fluffy, feels like my natural skin. Although my face is still oily, it doesn't LOOK as oily. I have no idea why. And supposedly this product is good for your skin without any dyes, etc etc. I'm a little more skeptical on that part, but what I do know is that I'm completely sold on this product. My only complaint is that my brush keeps losing bristles. I could have returned it all, but I know that eventually I will get the bigger brush and I didn't want to wait another month without this stuff. That's how wonderful it is.


Amanda Z said...

I've seen commercials for it but always thought it wouldn't work as well as they say. Hmmm...
What's the coverage like? Is it sheer or more opaque?

ET said...


Amanda, it depends on how much you want to "layer" can be sheer, but where you need additional coverage (a red spot, scar, blemish) you can dampen a concealer brush, dip it into the foundation, and it will cover ANYTHING. It really is amazing. The mineral veil really sets it all, and even when I use other stuff for foundation (mostly tinted moisturizers now) I sometimes use the mineral veil--particularly if I have overdone it on the blush. It tones and softens what is on your face...I believe they use the term "soft focus."

And now that I am having to trek across campus in the 99 degree heat and 125% humidity on a daily basis, I may have to go back to this. Or have showers installed in each of my classrooms.