Friday, August 26, 2005

It's a child, not a fish

Yesterday while driving to work I saw this license plate: HALFBRN. The funny part is that it was a Cherokee Nation tag.

My mother, a teacher, says that there is a child at school whose first and middle name is Corral Sea. I doubt she spells it that way, though. Sounds like a budding porn star to me. Way to go to that mommy & daddy. If you are ever going to spawn have a child, pause here for a moment. There's something to be said about naming a child after someone. If your great aunt named Ballsac was really great to you, by all means, name your child Ballsac. I generally give props to someone that names their child something unique. But think ahead. It might be cutsesy when they're under the age of ten. "Ahhh...Heaven Leigh Cloud-how precious!" I can assure you that it won't be so cute when this baby is a grandma or when they're applying for a job. No one's going to take Corral Sea seriously. Well, unless the job description involves sex toys.

I am SOOO behind with the things I usually do. I have RSS Reader installed at work so that I can read certain blogs & news articles. As of this post, I have 734 new Fark messages. I generally keep u[ on my slack stuff. Man, I'm even 20 posts behind on Maggie's blog and I usually read those 5 mintues after she posts! I need to cut back on the social time and the audit at my company needs to be over already.

So, I really like Zio's. Mainly because it's a little cheaper than other Italian restaurants. Doug and I went there on one of our first ten dates. He didn't think it was anything special. I acquired a coupon for a free appetizer and so I convinced him to try it again. I got my always yum (and free) pepperoni bread and he got spicy chicken alfredo. We both H-A-T-E onions. The description on the menu says:

Tender chicken breast sliced and sautéed then tossed with linguine, bacon, Roma tomatoes, spicy tomato Alfredo sauce and topped withcrispy fried fettuccine.
Do you see the word onion in there? No. How many onions were on the alfredo? MANY MANY MANY. And Doug says "putting onions on chicken is a faux pas." Furthermore, Doug said that the onions weren't even sautéed enough so they were crunchy. I don't think that there will be a third time with Zio's. I'll be ok, though. My office orders out enough from there for me to get my fix.


Amanda Z said...

I frickin' love Zio's. I tasted that Spicy Chicken Alfredo once. With the crispy srap on top. I don't recall it having onions. But I know when Aaron orders Chicken Alfredo (which he always does), they ask if he wants green onions and mushrooms. Which he does.
Personally, I ALWAYS get Chicken Parmagiana with all alfredo sauce, no marinara. It's cheesy chicken-y delicious-ness and it's always enough leftovers for another meal.
Also, Zios has the best Ceasar salads I can find anywhere.

BKDotCom said...

I'll go to Zio's with ya any time.
The onionier, the better.
You two need to go to the Green Onion.

I think I'll start the onion & garlic diet.

Rachel said...

Amanda-The crispy stuff is yummy. I always wondered what happened if you fried pasta.

While there were some green onions in it, these weren't green onions. The majority of them were the white/yellow/normal onions.

No, BK. You're SUPPOSED to go to Famous Daves, remember?

BKDotCom said...

Johnny Carino's has Italian nachos made from crispy fried noodly things

ET said... respond to everyone, Zio's is awesome and, despite the fact that they are trying to turn themselves into something fancier than they are (this IS Mazzio's, kids), their food is great and the prices are still reasonable (though not so much so as they once were). The little room at the back that looks like the street outside some Italian villa is also pretty nifty. Yes, I said nifty--deal with it.

BK, if you start an onion and garlic diet I am pretty sure you won't have to worry about the ladies. Nevertheless, I can see the potential there. You might want to watch "Holes" (it's a DISNEY movie, not porn Rachel).

LT and I ate at Zio's just last night. I had the chicken marsala with mushrooms and it was fabulous. LT had the spaghetti feast. While I don't recall there being any onions on my chicken dish, I am a BIG fan of the onion (and the garlic), so they can just send Doug's onions over my way.

Oh, and their parmesan chicken caesar salad...SO GOOD!

Rachel said...

ET, you'd be proud of me. I've read the book Holes and seen the movie.