Sunday, May 08, 2005

Designed by a man

Happy birthday to Joshua! He's 13 today.

There are just some times when I look at the design of a place or use a product and my only thoughts are "That had to be designed by a man. No woman in her right mind would have made this because it has a major flaw in it that only a woman would stumble upon." The bathroom at P. F. Chang's in Utica Square is the latest in such thoughts. The lighting is very low, especially around the sink area. It looks beautiful with a trough concrete sink and a tiled backsplash/wall. The problem is that the lighting is so low I could barely see my face in it. A man wouldn't realize that 80% of the time the only reason I go to the bathroom after a meal is to check for stray pieces of makeup, food, or boogers from forehead to knees?

If you're an avid reader or know me at all, you probably know that I get a kick from making fun of people's names. Like on Leno when he does Headlines and they show wedding announcements where the bride and groom's last names combine to make something that sounds either dirty or funny. I guess I feel somewhat entitled to be able to make fun of these people because with my last name, I have to watch out who I marry. I could totally end up on Leno. I could see it now: The Harden-Long wedding. (What BK said below is true; however, if I were a "liberated" woman and chose to hyphenate my name, the Harden-Long would still work) This is my all-time favorite from around town. I even sent it to Leno. Here are two things that were in the Tulsa World this morning, though:

Sunshine and John Cloud, Owasso, girl.

This is this chick's real name. Or at least there is a Sunshine Cloud listed in the Owasso phonebook. I'll bet 90% of the reason she married John was to have that name. And honestly, what mother names her child Sunshine? That's just asking for it right there.

And holy crap: they named their baby girl Heaven Leigh. Gag me!

Also in the World:


By Staff reports

Karla Sample and Isiah Mack were married May 6, 2005, at Antioch Baptist Church in Tulsa.

Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sample of Tulsa; and Henry Mack of Orangeburg, S.C. and the late Retia Mack.

The couple will reside in Tulsa.

Yeah, baby, I want a sample of that "mack" going around.


ET said...

Harden-Long...might not make for a good wedding announcement, but the honeymoon should be fantastic! I don't think I have seen the bathroom at P.F. Chang's, but the one at Tei Kei's is very nice. I think the low lighting is to maintain the ambience of the dining experience (that is, LOUD with low lighting and overpriced Americanized Asian food) and not be a totally wattage jolt when you open the bathroom door. Also, you can see what your makeup will look like in the actual restaurant lighting instead of fluorescent hell. But I can see your point.

BKDotCom said...

And it'd be Long-Harden, which isn't quite the same..
So don't marry Bob Wont.

Rachel said...

BK, I have found that the groom's last name doesn't always appear first in the announcement. I have no idea what rhyme, reason, or rules are used in the decision to put bride/groom's name first. Besides, my illustration is funny.