Monday, August 15, 2005

Duck head

The Saks Fifth Avenue fall catalog came in the work mail today. There's probably some larger significance to this hat. I don't really care what it is. All I know is that it's really funny looking. See weird hat pic here. ET, I'm preemptively saying NO, too expensive, really fugly, old lady, will go out of style by spring, totally you, but not me, yes! (but bad shape; left), and I could probalby fit in this one! to these handbags for you. And EWW GROSS! to these shoes. Bleh. I'm done with that. There were many more handbags in the catalog. I can't believe how bad quality those pics on their site are, though.

Eh, the makeup post can wait another two days. Friday Doug and I went to Taqueria Cancun located at 7th & Lewis. It's a tiny authentic Mexican restaurant where one can find Mexican Coke/Coca-cola (not sure which is correct these days; I don't drink the stuff) in Tulsa. Ya know, in case you've been searching high and low for them. So, we're sitting there burning up (this is the 2nd Mexican restaurant Doug and me have been where they are stingy with the A/C) and passively listening to the conversation at the table behind us. I overheard the lady say to the guy next to her, "Now, what exactly is an enchilada again?" The man replied, "Come on now. We've been out enough for you to know this one." The woman was in her mid-30s and was being serious. And here I was thinking that I was food illiterate.

For some number of months, I have had a $15 gift certificate to any of the Darden restaurants. I purposefully held out until Smokey Bones BBQ opened. Although it wasn't a bad place to eat, I'll never go back. They didn't really have anything on the menu that I can't get elsewhere for better, bigger, cheaper, less commercialized. My co-worker Denise loved the place, though.

Check out what BK did to one of my Luau pictures:

I need to find more people to make me do goofy Photoshop things. Or I guess I could learn how to do it myself.


ET said...

I like that second bag a lot, and of course the first one FOR YOU. Not sure if you were pointing out the Hogan Spacerider bag as being "me" or the shoes, but I didn't go for either. And the Spacerider bag is rabbit fur, so that's out. Coach has what I am looking for in a bag for fall, I am just waiting until it becomes available to pounce on it. I can't believe you're going to make me wait two whole days for the makeup post. Sheesh.

BKDotCom said...

I haven't been to Smokey Bones yet...
But Famous Daves is probably better, bigger, & Cheaper :)
Probably more commercialized though?

Rachel said...

Y'all keep pimping Famous Daves out. The ONLY reason I went to Smokey Bones was because it was closer to free.

ET said...

You know, I have to ask what an enchilada is when LT and I go out, too. Just so you know. It seems that tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chalupas, and whatever else they are calling them this week are all essentially the same ingredients and results, just in a different shape. I mean, a pancake is still a pancake even when it's a "flapjack" or a "short stack." Not that I am suggesting that Mexican food is made from pancakes.

And the name Smokey Bones sounds like a skeleton who is either really old and dusty, or who likes to don a velvet coat and sit in his study of an evening with his brandy and cigars. Either way, less than appetizing.