Sunday, August 07, 2005

Eat at Joe's & on the waterslide

Are We There Yet? = 2.5/10. It might have had it's funny moments, but overall I just wanted to slap those two children for being brats.

My family plus grandma drove to Stillwater just to eat as Eskimo Joe's. I got a blackened chicken sammach that was super yummy! My dad purchased an Eskimo Joe's menu. I have no idea why.

Did I tell you how nice Doug is? Yesterday before going to see The Wedding Crashers we went to Walmart. We came back and I took my dog out for a walk. Later after he left, I noticed that he put all of my stuff away. Wait, that's not normal! Hmm...what does he want? Or am I so used to being treated poorly that when someone doe something nice I'm automatically suspicious?

Remember the Christian fish post from a few weeks back? I saw something similar today while driving back from my parent's house. I was driving 80 mph behind them (God's ok with me speeing, right?) and was using the 11x optical zoom, so quality isn't great:

Also notice that this is another mini-van!

Well, I'm glad to see my friend Adam Kavon from Norman getting out of the house (click for better detail):


ET said...

I was invited by my neighbors to watch "Are We There Yet" and those kids were atrocious! It was not funny, it was just mean. And the mother could have used a good kick in the ass. People suck.

And someone was supposed to respond to my 4,000 blog posts today....

Rachel said...

Yes well someone actually had to do work while she was at work today. I'll see if I can complain to the management about doing work while at work. :)