Thursday, August 11, 2005

farhanvixx = massagest

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy = 6.75/10. You'll either find it humorous or you'll want to poke out your eyeballs.

Yahoo messenger Thursday, August 11, 2005:

farhanvixx (4:36:00 PM): hey whats upp
me (4:36:10 PM): I'm at work at the moment
me (4:36:12 PM): do I know you?
farhanvixx (4:36:15 PM): no
farhanvixx (4:36:24 PM): but i want to know you
me (4:36:28 PM): ? (oh boy...I know where this is headed!)
farhanvixx (4:37:26 PM): are u single
me (4:37:33 PM): nope
me (4:40:34 PM): Well, I guess that's all you wanted to know, huh?
farhanvixx (4:40:43 PM): not really
farhanvixx (4:40:44 PM): lol
farhanvixx (4:40:47 PM): so wher eu from sweety
me (4:41:10 PM): where it says in the profile I'm assuming you viewed. Tulsa, OK. u?
farhanvixx (4:41:38 PM): tulsa
farhanvixx (4:41:39 PM): lol
farhanvixx (4:42:10 PM): so are u married
farhanvixx (4:42:13 PM): huu
me (4:42:21 PM): what's huu mean? (I guess he meant hun? I love it when I ask questions that go unanswered.)
farhanvixx (4:42:29 PM): lol
me (4:42:41 PM): And no, I'm not married, but am in a serious relationship with a wonderful guy (Yes, yes he is.)
farhanvixx (4:42:51 PM): kool
farhanvixx (4:42:58 PM): well i am a massagest
me (4:43:09 PM): I have no idea what that means (You moron, it's massagist or masseur)
farhanvixx (4:43:23 PM): i give massage
me (4:43:43 PM): You're a r.m.t.? (Registered massage therapist. Because he never came out and said, "I want to rub you and then do you" ya know)
me (4:43:47 PM): a = an
me (4:43:53 PM): (Apparently I need to go back and take some basic English classes.)
farhanvixx (4:44:51 PM): so u look sexy in pic
me (4:44:56 PM): tks
farhanvixx (4:45:06 PM): you dont look virgin
farhanvixx (4:45:06 PM): lol
me (4:45:07 PM): You...have sunglasses on
me (4:45:20 PM): So, you're saying I look like a slut? (Because telling women they look slutty almost always wins us over)
farhanvixx (4:45:21 PM): not the one on instant message
farhanvixx (4:45:28 PM): no no
farhanvixx (4:45:33 PM): baby u are my sweet heart
me (4:45:39 PM): ???
farhanvixx (4:46:46 PM): that dog is so luckyy
me (4:47:06 PM): Why's that?
farhanvixx (4:47:17 PM): he is on your top thats why
me (4:47:46 PM): Well, I'm pretty sure my dog's not a lesbian (Excuse me while I assume the praying position in the nearest trash bin.)
farhanvixx (4:47:55 PM): lol
farhanvixx (4:48:00 PM): u are funny
me (4:48:23 PM): Well, I'm going to end this conversation for three reasons: #1 I'm at work; you knew that and are not acting accordingly
farhanvixx (4:48:38 PM): ok
me (4:48:38 PM): #2: I don't think you can speak English up to a level that doesn't bother me (I dunno, something just seemed to make me think he maybe wasn't from here orginally? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, actually there is when you're trying to pull the 'ol rubber trick.)
farhanvixx (4:48:49 PM): kool
farhanvixx (4:48:56 PM): ok bye i dont like you either (What? You wanted to rub an enemy?)
farhanvixx (4:48:58 PM): bye
me (4:48:59 PM): #3:You're obviously not concerned with the fact that I have a boyfriend (not surprising)
me (4:49:05 PM): oh no you should wait a moment....
me (4:49:13 PM): Because I'm going to blog this
me (4:49:29 PM): and I want you to have your opportunity to respond to that
farhanvixx (4:49:55 PM): hey i was trying to be nice to you but i guess you dont deserve that (I think what he really means is I'm intimidated by you)
farhanvixx (4:50:05 PM): so bye and take care it was nice talking to you (Wait...I'm your enemy and yet it was still nice to talk to me?)
me (4:50:21 PM): Maybe not...what I DO deserve is to surround myself with people that aren't jerks who hit on taken girls
farhanvixx (4:50:30 PM): hhahaah
me (4:50:30 PM): So, no reply to me blogging you, eh?
me (4:51:20 PM): Ok. then...last chance
me (4:51:55 PM): It's a done deal, then...on the blog you go


Amanda Z said...

I have a feeling these people don't care at all one way or another about being immortalized on your blog.

Not that I don't enjoy reading it, of course!

Rachel said...

I think I might disagree with that, Amanda Z. You see, I don't think they know what "blog" means. And they're too stupid to look it up. All I know is that if I was ever caught red-handed being a jerk and the same situation arose, I would jump at the opportunity to save face. Then again, I'm not offering to rub/get rubbed to people, either. And I'm thinking wiht my brain, too.

bkdotcom said...

Perhaps he didn't know how to spell misogynist

Rachel said...

BK, I think you're correct in your assumption. Good eyes!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you continued to have a conversation with him...hmmmmmm your time is far too valuable.

Rachel said... wasn't what I would call a busy day at work. I generally wouldn't talk to people like that, especially on my personal time. However, long ago it became obvious to me that, for whatever reason, I get massage requests/offers. Maybe because my screen name sounds dirrty? Maybe because I have a picture on my profile (I honestly think I could look like a horse and still get perverts).

Anyway, I decided it was so ridiculous that everytime it happened, I would blog it. I figure in 10 years someone out there will still have the same screen name and their child will look it up and see how gross they were.

ET said...

It is amazing what a few years can do. Oh we go..."Back when I was your age" I used to humor these asshats (I stole your word!) just to see where the conversation would go. Now I just block everyone I don't know, and I don't open messages from strangers. I guess it just becomes boring after a while. Clearly English is this guy's second language (and that's not to say he is foreign, either), but I really dislike people who can't spell, people who call me "sweetheart" or other endearing terms when they have never met me, etc. And I agree that this guy probably has no idea what a blog is, since his porn can be found elsewhere. I would agree with BK, too, except that "misogynist" is too big a word for this fellow's vocabulary. Clearly these people like to keep things small. ("Ha ha! Double entendre!" ~Phil Ken Sebben)