Thursday, August 11, 2005

A trick is only a trick...

Taken completely out of context, this is the most unbelievable thing I've heard a straight man say this week: "You know, I am SO tired of seeing women's underwear."

You know how it is said that a joke is funny only if you tell it correctly? The same principle applies elsewhere. I have no idea what it is about Quik Trip. It seems like every time I go in there, something happens that is bloggable. Let's forget the fact that about 40% of all my outings include QT. Yesterday morning before work, I went in there to get my perfect nerd nectar mixture-40% French vanilla cappucino, 60% Choccolatte. I have a reusable thermos that cost me $0.75 to refill. I paid with $1.00. Instead of being handed the quarter in change, the guy attempted to do a trick. When performed correctly, this trick would consist of him slamming down the quarter on the counter and back into his hand in the blink of an eye. It would have been cool...if he had got it right on the first try. Alas, the third time was a charm for him, but all the while I was thinking "look, a trick is only good if you can perform it the first time."

On the "no, that totally wouldn't be weird at all!" front: I got a call from my mommy today telling me that the principal at the school where she works wanted to interview me for an all-day kinder position. The principal called me at my work at 3:00 and told me "I know you had a horrible first year experience, but I know you would be really good and every time I have an opening I'm going to call you. We'll take good care of you here. And...I heard you're dating Doug. See, he's at the high school. It would work out perfectly." Yeah. Uh-huh. Because working at the same place where my mother, father, boyfriend, and boyfriend's mother works was high on my "to do" list. And, oh yeah, my brothers go to school there. If Doug ever dumped me, I wouldn't be mature enough to attend staff meetings with him in there. No, I can't possibly see anything wrong with this family affair proposition. I made my decision when I left Houston to not go back into teaching. That's how bitter and disillusioned that experience left me. Or the bitterness just this gum that my co-worker Cindy just gave me? When I was in Houston, I was literally about a month away from needing potent psychotropic medication. Seriously. I'm way happy at my job, make more here than I would teaching, and have benefits that are fifteen times better with small perks that are unmatched elsewhere. Well, unless I became a movie star or something like that. Most importantly, my stress level approaches zero. No, thanks! I'll just stick with being a mentor.

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ET said...

Good pay, benefits, AND no stress? I hate you.

Okay, not really. I am just insanely jealous. At least I get decent more than the average Joe (or Joanne), but fewer hours in getting there. Usually. But NO benefits and high stress.