Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Groom With a View

Hitch = 8/10. This is a flavor of cheese Rachel enjoys. Listen to the first five minutes when you watch it, men. There is a lot of truth when Hitch talks about how women lie to "protect" your feelings. Well, except me. I am the girl who would tell you in plain English that I don't like you: "Yes! It IS you, not me. You're just [insert abhorrent personality characteristic here, usually stupidity]."

In the 8/10/2005 edition of the Tulsa World, these two people applied for a marriage license:

Phousaythong Keola, 39; Christofer Addison, 30

Does her first name look like it says two very dirrty words? Or is it just me?

I finally had a bit of time to get my camera back from brother Geoffrey and rifle through the pictures of my cousin Shannon's wedding that took place on July 22. Geoff is 14 and isn't quite as savvy about the effects of taking pictures while looking at the sun. Nothing that slight Photoshop editing can't take care of. VoilĂ ! Amazingly, I found very little fault with Shannon's wedding look. It is a very rare thing for me to be left without a rude comment in reply to anything. I think overall she looks fabulous.

Geoffrey was standing behind a screen when he took this picture. I guess he had the need to feel like a stalkarazzi at the time. I'm certain that the photographer didn't get the Jeep-like vehicle in the background of his pictures, but it looks a little redneck from this angle. I love big floofy dresses. I've been told on multiple occasions by relatives that my cousin looks just like me with these differences:

A) She has a slight overbite/crooked teeth. Nothing too bad, though,
B) Her hair is a little lighter/reddish than mine,
C) Her hair is "stringier" than mine,
D) She was graced with D cup, "Jessica Simpson" boobs. I was not.

Do YOU think we look alike?

Love her hair. I can't really comment on the actual headpiece because the photo isn't detailed enough. Love the cleavage and the veil, though. I can't really see the necklace, but I prefer silver to gold nearly always. Ahem. I'm wondering why she didn't have the veil pulled over her face. Am I behind the times there? Only one thing left, the earrings.

What is up with that?

Man is my uncle Tommy, bridesmaid is my other cousin, Kristy. She's 13 or 14. The obstructing head belongs to someone Geoffrey should have yelled "SIT DOWN! Your big head is in the way." Yeah, that oughtta do it.

Shannon Harden and her husband Adam Colbert. I don't really like her bouquet. ET, add "no facial hair on groom" to your "things to not be at Rachel's wedding" list. Exception: if there's a really gross mole underneath, groom can have facial hair that covers it. Like on that one episode of Scrubs.

I wish them the best of luck on their lives. She dropped out of high school and is working at a Cato. He isn't working or can't work due to some kind of injury. They've been living with each other at his grandma's house (or was it his aunt's house) for the past 5 years or so. Surprisingly, she does not have any kids yet. They took no honeymoon and have no plans to live on their own. Yes, good luck!


Amanda Z said...

It REALLY looked like you in the far-away through-the-screen picture.

I think you have similar noses.

LT said...

I would have to have more "close-up" pictures of you to be sure if you look alike.



Rachel said...

HAH! I'm so amused, LT!

ET said...

LT, I cannot have you disgracing the family initials in such a manner! Ha ha! Rachel, I don't think she looks like you at all. And the no facial hair commentary has been duly noted. As for the veil, this is not a true veil but a piece that is worn under the bun-type hair arrangement just to add a little drape. I wore a full veil at my wedding...or that is, an elbow length full veil...but again not over the face. You can do the veil over the face if you want to be very traditional. As for the earrings...well, that's just sad. Let's hope they were her "something borrowed." The jeep in the background is a redneck touch, but better if it were up on blocks or rusted or displaying a Confederate flag. Living with grandma and a guy who doesn't work? Don't even get me started.