Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not a big deal? Really?

OTC, by the condoms, or behind the counter? Does it really matter how we get it so long as we can have access to it? I vow to never "need" to use it (barring rape). Here's my prediction: the FDA will approve it and somehow Oklahoma will pass some law making it illegal to buy it here. Before you go writing me a nasty email about how I'm a baby killer, read the article and see how it works.

Do many people sit around and randomly make goodies to give to other people? I didn't know many people did that. Last night when Doug came over he gave me a Tupperware (the real stuff) container full of fudge from his aunt/boss that I know only slightly well. She's now officially my favorite person. Anyone that randomly gives me food so yummy automatically earns favorite person status. Even though it's a conspiracy to keep me tubby. Yeah, I'm that easy.

So Speaking of crazy exes yesterday (ohpleaseRacheldon'tstarttalkingaboutmeprettyplease)...
Calm down, you two or three! Actually this one was is a sane ex, just really stupid. And had poor bathing & teeth brushing habits. Ahem...I was reminded of something that happened back in the summer of 2001. After being broken up after nearly 4 years, Mr. Crusty Teeth called me to tell me that he was getting a divorce*. And he wanted to catch up on what we had done since high school and vent about the pending de-nuptials. Fine. We went to Denny's. That was actually my idea. Shut up! I didn't want to give off the wrong impression. Anyway, he made a statement that I had never before and have never since heard a man repeat: "Oh, and by the way, that whole sex thing is SO not a big deal. It's completely overrated." And that...that is how you make me roll my eyes. I still managed to choke down my meat lover's skillet, though.

*Mr. Crusty Teeth has since remarried, but I don't like the fact that I was once connected to a person who is on wife #2 at the age of 25. Meh...to each, I suppose.


ET said...

He must be so flattered to know that he is remembered by the name "Mr. Crusty Teeth." It pains me to even type it! I don't understand the whole meeting him somewhere to catch up thing, but that's your business. And as far as sex being overrated...well, one of them or both of them must have sucked because if you do it right, it's GREAT! And if you don't do it right, it's still pretty damn good (but frustrating).

Speaking of re-marriage, my ex (husband) was on wife #3 by the time he was....what....27?

We gave our neighbors a fabulous potato salad recipe, and they brought us potato salad. They also brought us goodies when they made spinach-avacado dip. Yummy!

Amanda z said...

Is this Mrs. Johnson? Don't see her as the sitting-around-making-fudge type of person.

Also, Mr. Crusty Teeth was definitely just bad at it. Haha

LT said...

I'm confused. Is it getting too personal to ask if he was referring to YOU and he or he just decided after multiple partners that it was overrated? A guy saying that? Hmm.

Rachel said...

LT, I just found the whole situation very awkward and rude. As if he was trying to say "Hah! I've had sex and as far as I know you haven't. And sex isn't even a cool thing, so don't even look forward to it."

As far as he knew, I was still still the same virgin he knew when he dated me in high school. Maybe I still am; maybe I'm not. All I'm saying is that it is wrong to assume anything stays the same between the ages of 18-27 when there's a lot of growing up and learning going on. And if he was just ASSUMING that I was still a virgin (whether I am or not is not a matter of public knowledge), then he probably thinks I'm the exact same person on all accounts that I was in high school. So, it led me to believe that I had done a lot more growing up that he had since high school had ended. And that made me a little sad. It was also wrong that he wanted to discuss sex with someone would didn't really care to know his version of things. All the while I was eating a MEAT LOVERS skillet @ Denny's.

During the time this event occured, I'm pretty sure he had been with one person. His wife. His wife that he married after knowing her only 6 weeks. They divorced 9 months later after she got eyes (and lips) with Mr. Crusty Teeth's best friend.