Monday, August 22, 2005

No roadtrip with my loose pants

The Magdalene Sisters = 10/10. That's right! This is among the best movies I've ever seen in my life. Guys probably won't like it because it deals with motherhood/sluthood. Anyone who had a child out of wedlock, is really pretty (a temptress in these times), or was raped will be thanking God they weren't alive in Ireland during this time. As for me, I just can't believe this stuff went on until 1996 and hope history never repeats. There's one person in particular who reads my blog that really needs to watch this movie. She was "sent away" when she got pregnant at 15 or 16. I'm wondering how your experience compares to this. You should report anonymously after you watch it. Who know? Maybe they treated you well. The movie also opens up with a great raw Celtic song and some good cousin lovin'. Guys might like it for that reason. Also, there's lots of boobies to be had at one point.

Red-Eye = 7/10. Doug laughed at me a few times because I'm such a weenie. I talked to myself throughout the movie. Stuff like..."OMG he's going to be behind the wall! LOOK!" I don't like scary movies. I have no idea what possessed me to put it on my to-see list and then go see it on a B-I-G screen where I can't get away. I did manage to sleep last night, though. That's progress.

It's a sad day in the life of Rachel. Jennifer Weiner won't be touring with her new book anywhere near Oklahoma, Texas, or Missouri. No 300 mile road trip. However, my favorite children's author will be in Tulsa very soon. I plan to attend both sessions. Shut up.

This weekend I was told something every woman wants to hear: "Those pants are really loose on you." Never mind the fact that they only looked like that because of the way I was laying.

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