Sunday, August 21, 2005

Teller, I didn't do that!

We remember "devil" Cori from yesterday, right? Here's further proof he's just a jerk. I drove my car up to Boston's. Cori conveniently didn't bring any cash even though there was a $5 cover charge and Michelle expected him to pay for her. The three of us agreed that Cori would write me a check when I dropped them off at his place. Which is annoying for me because I rarely ever carry cash on me and now I have to make a trip to my credit union to cash Cori's check. So, $5 x 2 = $10 that he owes me. The four of us girls (didn't mention a girl named Heather last post but she was in our party; I didn't know her) decided to take a shot at the bar. Buttery nipple. Those are the only thing I've found alcohol-wise that are yummy. Maybe there is a chance I can get drunk once in my life after all. So we're up there and the chick dealing the booze thought I wanted to buy Michelle's shot, too. I did not. She had a tab running. Chick dealing booze couldn't reverse the transaction so that's four more dollars Cori owes me. That makes $14. We go to his apartment (after time for the single weenie alcohol shot to settle, of course) and Cori writes me this check:

Check out the memo section. Real nice, Cori. Now my bank teller is going to think I'm an extremely cheap whore. There's not enough money in the world for that for you, Cori. I geuss I can't complain too much from this ordeal because he ended up paying for three cover charges and Michelle's drink. This means my night of non-fun only cost me $3. Not too shabby.


Kavon-The Stalker said...

Just thought I would mention that you have "read nice" instead of "real nice" near the bottom of the rant.

That's it for now. I was going to make some whoring jokes or something along those lines, but decided I shouldn't since Rachel is, you know, taken.

Rachel said...'s almost like I sense some jealousy issues in that. Naw.

BKDotCom said...

No need for Credit Union trip:
a) use debit card at grocery store
b) get cash back
c) profit?

Rachel said...

I don't think my grocery takes a check written to me as payment, though.

Amanda Z said...

Isn't it funny that when someone writes you a check, they provide you with all of their banking information? Routing number, Account number, address, etc. etc.?

$4 for a buttery nipple!?!?!? YIKES

Rachel said...

I had no idea $4 was expensive for this. What's par?

And yeah, if I was an evil person, I could write out a bunch of checks with his routing/account number. Not sure if I could pass off as a Cori, though. :)

Amanda Z said...

Totally, 'Cori' is unisex.

Uhh $4 for a shot is pretty high... especially for a shot that has very little alcohol in it. Buttershots and Irish creme are pretty low as far as alcohol content. (When compared to shots that contain vodka, rum, etc.)

Personally, I wouldn't pay more than $2 for a buttery nipple.

Oh, AND if you like those, I recommend an "Oatmeal Cookie"-- same ingredients but they add Goldschlager or Hot Damn for a cinnamon flavor. Yummy.

ET said...

Rachel, don't worry about the teller...s/he will realize the memo line is in error because, with a guy like that, you would also have to charge a "finder's fee."