Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Umm, thanks? (3)

Who doesn't just love their UPS man? Even though I like FedEx's service better, every single UPS guy that has entered this office has always been jolly and bubbly. I guess they have to act happy so that the depression from wearing the drab brown uniform doesn't take over. At any rate, our building's current UPS man is a guy who's about 35-40, wears glasses, and I swear his walk looks like he's skipping part of the time. Bob the perky UPS man passes by my office every day and always waves, points, AND smiles. If he's ever in here, he usually makes some kind of positive comment about what I'm wearing, how I look, how busy or unbusy I look, my dog's picture, the type of candy currently in the bowl, etc.

Today was the first exception to his positive comment.

I woke up this morning with three red, raised spots around my mouth each the size of two quarters. My right eyelid is also red and swollen. I have NO idea why. I do know that these exact patches are also prone to eczema each winter (though today's just came up suddenly and is a much different than what I experience in winter). I also know that I wore this lotion after I washed my face last night*. Since I've used Aveda's lotion on and off for the past year, I doubt it's the lotion causing the red patches. Unless I just randomly developed an allergy/sensitivity to it. That's possible.

So, my eyelid makes me look like I was hit by someone or something. Bob the perky UPS man comes in today to drop off a package. He says, "Gosh, usually your face looks really pretty, but today it looks just horrid."

Umm, thanks?

*Don't worry, ET. I'm augmenting the crappy stuff with the wonderful stuff just so I can use the crappy facial lotion up


Amanda Z said...

Well, at least you know he's honest. So when he says you look nice, he must actually think you look nice.
Silver lining?

Rachel said...

It wasn't so much what he said hurt me or anything. It's more along the lines of "that first part is a compliment and the last part isn't, so umm...thanks?"