Monday, August 29, 2005

Even I'm taken by surprise sometimes

The Upside of Anger = 7.5/10. I totally didn't see that ending coming, even though it was foreshadowed.

From 8/29/2005 Tulsa World death notices:

Do you think it's the Elmo?

I was a little on the nervous side Sunday night. I didn't dare say anything beforehand, but Doug met his toughest critic, my friend K. It was an impromptu meeting at Chili's to discuss recent events in our lives. Ok, mainly K's life. Doug and I had about 20 minutes notice. My eye makeup was still going strong thanks to my newly discovered product that I pimped out to K at the restaurant. She suffers "greaseball face syndrome" just like I do. Not that having eyeshadow on in front of K matters, but it's a nice bonus.

The three of us talked for two hours. She was completely comfortable and open, telling everything to Doug as she would tell me. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't worried about K not liking Doug, but...she's really tough to impress and she would have no problem telling me whatever was on her mind. In front of him.

Come to think of it, she did put us in a weird place a few times. We're sitting there drinking our sodas, and K jsut randomly says, "So, how serious are you two?"



What I wanted to say was something lame along the lines of "Oh, I'm just in it for money! You should know thta I'm just a golddigger."

What really happened was I looked uncomfortably at Doug and said, " wanna answer that one?"

There's not a lot that gets by Doug. Which was unfortunate in this particular set-up. He looks right back at me and said, "Well, she asked YOU. So, maybe YOU should answer."

Damn! He pays attention. Why couldn't that one quality have disappeared for those few seconds?

My reply was something along the lines of, "Oh come on, K. You know enough about my past to know the answer to that question."

But did she stop there? No, because K was determined to get the answer to her question. And my vague answer didn't suffice.

"Well, all I know is that this is the first of all of your guys I've ever met." Followed a few minutes later with, "So, you're not going to dump this one, right?"

Thanks for making me look like a slut bongwalla, K. And no, Doug's a keeper.

Even with all of the awkwardness of the evening, I still adore K. And miss her. She doesn't call often enough. This is the 2nd girlfriend of mine Doug has met and so far he's 2 for 2.

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