Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yay! I finally get to see Doug for the first time since the 18th tomorrow. He's been sick. One of the interesting things about Doug being my brothers' band teacher is that one of them will tell me if Doug was at school or not. Oh yes, they're keeping an eye on you.

You have GOT to be kidding me. In the 9/21/2005 Tulsa World Birth section appeared this couple welcoming a new bouncing baby boy (why are they called that?):

Dorcas and Kevin Bender, Broken Arrow, boy

Even if that is a family name and isn't pronounced dork-us, there is just NO excuse for naming your little girl Dorcus. N-O-N-E!

Dorcas Bender or Kevin Bender- if either one of you happened to Google across this, PLEASE email me or post a comment and tell me how you got your name. I'm very curious. I'm really not making fun of your name/your wife's name, I just have an odd fascination with interesting names.

If anyone else out there knows anyone named Dorcus, what's their story?

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