Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Umm, thanks? (4)

Polish Wedding = 3/10. It was just awful and Claire Dane's cuteness (she was like 18 at the time) doesn't make up for it.

Sleepover = 1.5/10. I can't believe this got PG instead of PG-13. Actually it's between the two ratings. Wow, I sound like a mommy. Anyway, the only reason this movie gets this high is because Steve Carell has this part where he flies over a bike. Other than that, pure crap.

I wouldn't normally talk about my visit to the doctor's office (yearly exam), but a few bizarre things happened there. I walk in and tell the check in person my name. She looks familiar. Hmm...how do I know her? OMG, I went to high school with her. She was two years older than me. A while later I find out that this is Kim Sexton, who had a brother named Joe that graduated the same year I did (though possibly went to another school before graduation). No big deal. It wasn't as if I was visiting the doctor for something embarrassing. It just feels odd to see someone you know at the doctor's office.

My name is called. I walk back and the first thing I have to do is step on a scale. The woman who is weighing me looks to be around the age of 45. Old enough to guess a person's weight, I think. She starts the scale numbers off 40 pounds lighter than what I am. And starts inching the slide to the right. I told her she would pretty much have to go all the way over and she said, "Naw." She finally gets to my weight and says, "Well, I am shocked. You just don't look that big. You must be all muscle"

I wish and...

Umm, thanks?

So, I'm in the exam room (which has one wall full of glass, by the way) and the doctor comes in and one of the first things she asks me is "I see that you had a cold sore [on your mouth] in the last few weeks. How often do you get them?"

Me: "Usually once a year, but this year I've had like 5 of them."
Dr. N: What do you use to treat it?
Me: Abreva.
Dr. N: Well, you know the absolute best way we have to treat cold sores is a little pill you take when you first start to feel the cold sore tingle. Can you feel them a day or two before?
Me: Yes.
Dr. N: It's called Valtrex...and I can write you a prescription for it.
Me: Eh, I don't usually get them that often.

Have you SEEN the commercials for that Valtrex stuff? The one where she's sitting on the edge of a dock swinging her feet and then on a bike, all the while they're talking about genital herpes? HAVE YOU SEEN THAT? I am SOOOOO not going into Walgreens with a script for that stuff when I don't even HAVE that.

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BKDotCom said...

Well the people in the herpes commercials are always having such a wonderful time..

I can only wish I had the herpes lifestyle. :)