Friday, September 09, 2005

Garlic Rose

I'm super stoked about meeting my very favorite children's author tonight, Avi. Or close to my favorite, at least. The whole family is going. I'm bringing a hardback book for him to sign and hopefully I'll even get a picture with him. Yes, I owned the book before I knew Avi was coming to Tulsa. I have about 500 kiddie books around my apartment in boxes, with my mom (teacher), or with my friends A and C (also teachers).

My overall impression of the Garlic Rose on Brookside. Tiny. Dark. Pricey. But nice. Instead of bringing out regular bread, they serve you two different kinds of bread with spices baked inside. I'm sure there's a name for this stuff. Regular 'ol spices with oil? No siree. They put down oil and vinegar and a big"garlic rose." That is, roasted garlic still inside the pods (or whatever the pods are technically called). I can only assume this is supposed to look like a rose and that's how they named the restaurant. Apparently you slather this on the bread, but I liked it better plain. I downed about 3 cloves of the stuff. I'm quite certain Doug appreciated my garlic breath after the meal. Because I am who I am regardless of where I am, I ordered my standard Dr. Pepper. They served it to me in a wine glass with ice. God, I am SO sexy when I slurp out of a wine glass. I can only imagine what I might look like if I tried to do this with real wine.

I need to go back for dessert. I was just too stuffed at the time.


Anonymous said...

I really like garlic, but I have to be very carefull afterwards. Even with a handfull of mints, the smell and taste are still there. Is there something that can control the garlic breath?

Rachel said...

Absolutely there is something that takes care of garlic breath. Not eating garlic.

I would also imagine a good 'ol fashioned tooth brushing and/or Listerine would do the trick. As does time.