Monday, September 19, 2005

New car blues

I have no idea why or how, but my car went from smelling like a new car directly to smelling like funk pretty much overnight. Maybe I need to check for a random Sonic tot or something. The new car smell went away, the monthly payment did not.

My latest case of "I knew better, but did it anyhow": if you have a blister on the bottom of your ring toe, don't use one of these to pop it/"shave" it off. It hurts and makes it look infected.

And the latest case of "I'm telling you it's a really bad idea, so don't come crying to me when it all blows up": It is a horrible idea to move in with a guy that strung you along in this on-again, off-again/quasi-relationship for eight years without so much of a hint of committment. And I don't even mean marriage here (although I'm not the moving in together before marriage kind of gal). He hasn't even said that he wants to be with you in any capacity. Well, except living together and sharing a bed. He wants no commitment. He even told you that. It's just a bad idea. When he kicks you out of his house and you come crying to me, I will have little sympathy. Having said that, I will feel compelled to walk you through it. I would prefer that you just stop making poor choices, though. I just wish you thought of yourself as someone who deserves to be loved. I also wish you were with someone that didn't make you wonder how he felt. The thing is, M., if someone really does like you, they won't leave you. And how many times has he done that? You deserve much better. Sane would be good, too.

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