Sunday, September 18, 2005

My cutting skills

Out Cold = 1.5/10. I think this was the first movie I put on my to see movie list. So, apparently my list began in 2001. I have no idea how this awful "movie" made it onto my list. Wait, yes I do. I was 20 at the time.

Friday the office had a 50th bash for a co-worker. I was very proud of my decoration/creation:

Ok. I was more proud of my internet skills that led me to this idea, but it's still cute.

Have you ever had a certain characteristic brought to your attention that was not particularly wrong/gross, but just different? Yesterday, I went to Johnny Carino's with Doug. He was sitting there with those big lovey-dovey eyes and a slight smile watching me eat and said, "I think it's cute the way you cut your food."

Me: Huh? What's wrong with the way I cut my food? I think that's how my mommy taught me to cut it.

Doug: Maybe when you were six and couldn't do it any other way.

Me: Oh yeah? Well, how do YOU cut your food?

He proceeded to show me. It's completely different than how I cut my food and much more mature looking. I was completely mortified. Not because Doug thought it was "cute." I felt embarrasesed at the potentially large number of people who could have thought "Wow, she cuts like a six year old" over the course of my lifetime. I've decided that my way works better for me and am going to stick to how I cut my food:

See? Isn't that just cute?


Guambat Stew said...

I think I see the problem. Put the fork and knife over the food. Not as cute, but more effective.

Amanda Z said...

Hey, I've got a picture I will upload and link to sometime so you can see how AARON cuts his food. Imagine a death-fist grip on the knife and fork, one in each hand, just sort of stabbing and poking the food until small enough to be swallowed without too much choking.
It's horrifying.
He holds his pencil funny when he writes, too, if you recall that from school at all.

BKDotCom said...

I found the solution

No more looking like a dork when using that product. That's for sure

ET said...

BK, I am pretty sure that I could find a way to accidentally cut my own tongue out with that little item. Honestly, who comes up with this crap?

And you know what is not cute? Telling your girlfriend that she eats like a six year old while you are out somewhere in public. Or anywhere, for that matter. I have more to say on the subject, but I will do it privately. = )