Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Rules of Blinds

Just Like Heaven = 8.5/10. The fact that Reese is in this movie makes it at least an automatic 6. Plus points for the movie itself. Big points for Doug, too. The deal we made was that if he goes to see this girlie movie with me, I go see Corpse Bride with him next week. I think he might be getting the better end of the deal here, but whatever.

Two things:

1) If you live on the ground floor, you're supposed to turn your mini blinds UP so that people can't see in, right? Well, guess what? If you live on the second or third floor and you turn your blinds up, everyone can see in. And that's completely fine...right up until Rachel is taking her dog out and catches a glimpse of you having sex. Please remember that not everyone wants to watch this. Or maybe I'm the only one who's not into the whole voyeurism thing.

2) Light colored curtains means that light can pass through easily. What this means is that if you live on the first floor, have your bedroom light on, have light pink curtains that are in the "cover the windows" position, and have your blinds up, I can see you in your bedroom.

I doubt that either person knows everyone can see inside their bedroom.


ET said...

I cannot believe you are dissing Corpse Bride. I mean, Reese is one thing, but a Tim Burton stop animation cartoon is just a necessity. The Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of our favorite movies. (And I felt strongly enough about it to post DESPITE the damn word verification.)

Rachel said...

FINE! I'll turn off word verification. Lord knows how difficult it is to type in 8 or less extra letters. :)

I'm hot and cold on Tim Burton. Sorry. I could be completely wrong on Corpse Bride. I might come out and think it was the best movie I've seen in my entire life. We'll see next weekend.

BKDotCom said...

do these privacy envasions take place at a regular time?


Rachel said...

They aren't privacy invasions! It's just when my dog needs to go peepeepoopoo outside. Which I generally do 3-4 times per day. The pink curtain has to happen at night because of the backlighting involved. The mini blinds did happen at night, but I've only seen it once. And no, I didn't stare. It was just an observation.

I really isn't all about boobies for me, you just think that.

BKDotCom said...

PS: Speaking of stop motion... Corpse Bride might be good, but it's not gonna come close to "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (Wallace & Gromit)... coming to a theater near you Oct 7th.

Rachel said...


I have a date with my mommy on Oct. 7th. We're eatin' a steak dinner and seeing In Her Shoes.

Anonymous said...

and WHAT does the color of your curtains or weather your blinds are up or down have to do with "just like Heaven"?

Reese is not an automatic 6 on any scale, maybe a 3 if that, and when you can't find anything else to write about you always have the dead. over all the movie was a 4.5 at best

Rachel said...

I post my movie ratings at the beginning of each post if I've seen any movie. Thus, it shouldn't have anything to do with the body of the post.

And obviously you don't have an abnormal fascination with Reese. And you're male (because I can't see anyone female rating it that low). And probably Doug. ;) Don't let the perceived uncomfortableness of the seats lower your rating scale.

Amanda Z said...

I think Corpse Bride's going to blow. The plot will the transparent and trite, the jokes will be repetitive and meant for small children. People, however, will still go "ooh" and "ahh" over it because the makers of this movie spent like a billion hours moving little models around and taking pictures of them.

People call it "amazing" and "mesmerizing", etc.
I call it "a waste of time".

All the while people keep kissing up to Tim Burton's one-trick-pony self. Hey, did you see Nightmare Before Christmas? Then-- guess what, you've seen all this movie has to offer.