Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whadda ya mean not on the menu?

Madagascar = 7/10. It wasn't really all that I hoped. It at was absolutely freezing in the theater and didn't get much better after I told them about it. The mentee was wearing a tank top. I can only imagine that if I was freezing, she was sub-zero. Official # of movies on "to-see" list: 163. I don't think I'm gaining on it. There were a few movies I had to add because this fall looks pretty good.

Remember how Doug had the unfortunate experience of unexpected onions @ Zio's? Well, Wednesday the office ordered from Zio's. I decided to try my luck with the spicy chicken alfredo and I asked the to-go person if it came with onions. Stephanie (who is FABULOUS at the to-go stuff) told me that it DOES come with onions. I asked her to take subtract those from my meal. Without onions, the spicy chicken alfredo is close to the top of their food. While I was picking up the food, the general manager of 81st & Lewis came over and chatted with me for a bit. Asked me how things were. I told him that I loved Zio's but that they should really add have onions listed on the menu. He said, "You're not the first person to say that. I've told the corporate office that they need to list ALL of the items in the food and not just the first four or five major ingredients."

We're talking ONIONS here, something for which many might have an aversion. I could understand if they failed to list just about any spice. It's small, I get it. But onions? Odd.

To the list of job responsibilities add photo maker. I was at Walgreen's for about 1.5 hours yesterday trying to figure out what pictures and how many to print from 5 CDs given to me by a co-worker. I managed to not mess anything up, too. We're talking somewhere close to 300 photos and I had to manually click how many of each picture I wanted. Annoying. Yay for me-I have mastered the art of touch screen.


blogfrog4 said...

why not put the cd's on the computer at home, do the clicking in the comfort of your chair, upload them to and in an hour go pick them up.

Rachel said...

Because it was at work.