Friday, October 07, 2005

Fair, part 2

Gothika = 6/10. Things weren't explained as well as I thought they should have been. Like, who really killed him? Pretty good, though. I don't like scary movies, yet somehow about 5 are on my queue list. Doug watched this with me and he kept his promise not to shout "boo" throughout any of it. He also did that during Red-Eye. Gotta love the man. Oh wait...yeah, I DO love the man.

And speaking of Doug, I've determined after long and thoughtful consideration that he does NOT look good in a leather vest with fringe. We went to Barfington Coat Factory last night in search of, you guessed it, a coat. Toward the end I got a little bored and a little scared (the place was full of shady-looking individuals) and I had him try on the three fugliest coats I could find. Would this marshmallow coat look good on anyone in this color of blue? Who buys that stuff? I got my laughs in for the night.

Here comes the part where I offend many people (though I'm thinking of Amanda Z at the moment).

What a bust! The five of us (two case managers, two mentees, & me) walked around for two hours at the Tulsa State Fair Tuesday. What a completely lame place. Or maybe since I've been to Disney Land/World multiples times, I just don't get impressed anymore. Let me break down why the fair is such a lame place:

A) The rides- Mother of GOD! You will never catch me on rides that travel around the country run by people named Cletus. OK, I'm lying. I will ride these rides, but I just will have to block from my mind the fact that they are poorly maintained. Yeah, some of them are very cool looking, but I want some reasonable assurance that I will be alive after the three minutes of doom.

B) The food- I had my very first deep fried Snickers bar Tuesday. It did not meet my expectations. Sure, the food at the fair is good, but I always feel like I'm throwing my money at a drug addict, transient redneck, or someone who just barely passed the food handler permit. If I just don't think about it, I'm ok.

C) The people- Any place where the number of mullets outnumber children is no place for Rachel.

D) The exhibits- One giant infomercial + bracelets out the wazoo. I'm pretty sure my TV gets those stations.

I have to admit that the birthing center is cool. Piglets are so C-U-T-E that for a moment I thought about laying off the bacon. Then I realized that bacon tastes good. Seriously, though...I have never seen anything in real life give birth. Someone with a knocked up animal needs to invite me over when it has babies. I need to see that.

The petting zoo next door to the birthing center provided me with my one really odd sight.

Poor thing gets laughed at the whole time.


BKDotCom said...

You just weren't seeing the baby-blue marshmallow coat in the proper context.
Put it on a chick on a ski slope and you've got something. The gal needs to be a good skiier to pull it off though. Otherwise it's just a sad sight.

Amanda Z said...

You didn't offend me, haha. I thought the fair was pretty lame-o this year, too. All we did was buy food and go to the petting zoo.
I took a picture of that alpaca, too! He was cool. He was like way ahead of the other animals in terms of modern haircuts.

Rachel said...

I think what I was basically saying was that I think the fair is always lame-o.

ET said...

I have given the fair a miss for the last 5+ years, but I must say that your descriptions are "dead on balls" accurate. (It's a technical term...see "My Cousin Vinnie.") I have never even HEARD of a deep fried Snickers bar, but it sounds repulsive. The Alpaca clearly has been given the same "lion cut" that my Persians get, only on an enlarged scale. Or perhaps that is what they look like after they are sheared? Where do you think that Alpaca wool comes from? There must be hundreds of naked Alpacas running around! Anyway, he/she is HELLA cute! I think I should move to the Northeast and raise Alpacas.

Oh, and I am all about the puffy coats. The Alpaca might be, too, at this point.