Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My voice is sexy?

EWWW!!!!! My skin is still crawling from what happened at work today.

This morning when I got to work there was a fax in the machine that was meant for no one in this office. So, I looked at the 8 telephone numbers throughout the document and called one phone number that was only one digit different from my company's fax number. I left a message with the machine saying that I thought we had this person's fax.

This afternoon, I received a phone call from this man that went something like:

Mr. S: I understand that you received a fax intended for me.
Me: Well, I think. It's for the account of a Susan Kxxxxxy in Flagstaff.
Mr. S: Yeah, that's mine. So, what company is this?
Me: [insert name of place where I work]
Mr. S: Where are you located?
S: [insert address of where I work]
Mr. S: And what do you guys do there?
Me: Well, we're a local, independent, telephone company.
Mr. S: Oh? I just bought a cabin in [name of town close to our service area]. Do you guys have service there?
Me: No, we have six exchanges...

I proceed to answer this man's never-ending questions, loosely related to our company, for the next five minutes.

And then, the unspeakable...

Mr. S: So, tell me about your rack?
Me: [not thinking pervertedly since I'm at work/thinking maybe it was some technical thing] What's that?
Mr. S: Your tits.
Me: Um, excuuuuse me?
Mr. S: No, baby, I'm kidding. It's a rouge. A ROUGE!!! A nice little rouge for you.
Me: O. K. [A rouge? Maybe he means ruse...wait, that doesn't much make sense, etiher]
Mr. S: Ok, I'll see the fax in a minute?
Me: Yeah. I'm sending it when you hang up.


Either this guy is completely insane, he's a typical asshat male, or I have a really sexy voice when I discuss the finer points of telephone service. I'm putting my money on #2. Until this man said the word tit, I thought that he was maybe in his 60s. A search had no definite answer for me, but did say that he might have been 30 based on results. Marvelous. Upon closer inspection of the documents I faxed, this man's office is less than a block away from mine. Double marvelous. Oy!


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I'm sorry Rachel. It was just for a survey I was conducting on "spice" racks and if you had any "tips" for me