Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fair, part 1

Km. 0 (Kilometer 0) = 6.5/10. Subtitled, set in Spain. It's one of those "everyone is meeting for the first time at the same place and time and they confuse each other for other people." And, of course, all but one of the people are meeting for a random sexual encounter. I did NOT know that whenI put this movie on my list years ago. Honestly. Most of this movie reminded me of a cross between a soap opera, bad porn, and an episode of Friends. In the end, these people are all in a street dancing around to stupid music...much like on the opening credits on Friends when they're in the fountain. Even so, I don't regret watching it.

I'm going to the Tulsa State Fair tonight with the mentee, her brother, and two workers at the agency in charge of the mentoring program. I think I'm going to make a goal to find the most odd carnival worker and take a picture with him/her. And then post it, of course. The last time I went to the fair was when I was 15 or 16 with Mr. Crusty Teeth and a few other people (or maybe just his sister). The next morning I woke up and couldn't open my eyes because they were swollen shut. I have no idea what I was allergic to. Barnyard animals? Food? Workers? Hopefully I won't have that happen again.


Chris A said...

Half blog half movie critic... You must be Netflix best customer!

I love the list. It almost makes me want to write 100 things down about myself... almost.

But im sure I wouldnt stop at 100. No! Not me I would go on untill it was 1,000. Then after looking over it I would laugh and then cry. Soon after I would burn it and never tell anyone.

You know what worst then an Elevator fart? Going out in public with a friend who thinks it really funny to fart and walk away from you when ladies are around. And now will never give me the time of day. You dirty basterd!

Went to Tulsa a few weeks ago. It has changes a lot since I was last there. But ofcorse that was ten years ago... so no big surprise there. I spent most of my time in the cherokee casino. Spent 11 hours there! Good times.

Chris A said...

okay, yeah I know! If im going to call someone a bastard the least I can do is spell it right.

Rachel said...

Great to have you back, Chris!

Truth be told, only about half of the movies I watch come from Netflix. The rest are from the public library.

I've yet to step foot into the casino. I guess once you've been to Vegas, everything else is child's play.

Amanda Z said...

I went to the fair with you when I was a sophomore and you were a junior. You, him, Maggie, Me, Courtney, Blaine and that guy Joey (yikes). Then we went out to eat at some restaurant. Then we may have gone to the Nightmare.

Hope you had fun!

Rachel said...

That guy Joey? As in the one Courtney was with at the time? Funny thing is that I have absolutely zero memory of anyone but "him." And only because I have cheesy old-tyme photos stored away somewhere in my apartment. I don't remember going to a restaurant, either. Why can't I remember???

WAIT!!! We went to a restaurant in Broken Arrow that was like an old Pizza Hut but not pizza. It wasn't good. And the scary guy was there and smelled bad. I don't remember "him" being there, though. Something's coming back.