Monday, October 03, 2005

Odoriferous If Opened

Corpse Bride = 6.75/10. This is a really short movie (77 min) that didn't really have any memorable songs in it despite the fact that Danny Elfman was the composer. The movie did, however, make me laugh out loud at multiple points. There were even about three times when I laughed a few seconds after the joke. This means that there were probably even more jokes that I would pick up on a second viewing. Which won't happen. Corpse Bride was an "I owe Doug" movie since he watched Just Like Heaven with me.

Remember the slightly less ugly wooden trunk thingy I got back in April? The only thing I keep in there is a set of 5 pound weights, a set of 8 pound weights, two pairs of workout shoes (which are in there about 10% of the time because I'm lazy and usually just throw them on the side of my loveseat), and a pair of slippers for taking Shelby outside in the winter. Over time these items have mixed with the element of darkness to create a not-so-fresh footdirtsweatmold funk. I told Doug about da funk and said I was just going to put an air freshener in there to cover up the smell. Like one that has glue so I could stick it to the side of the wooden trunk thingy. Doug suggested that I spray Lysol in it instead. This seemed like a logical plan. I got Crisp Berry scent Lysol and last night I Lysoled away my wooden trunk thingy and my clothes closet. I just got out my workout shoes and instead of smelling all nice in the wooden trunk thingy, it now smells like moldy foot berry. Ick! Anyone have a plan B out there?

Song stuck in my head: Overload - Sugarbabes. Gotta love that Yahoo! Radio for making me listen to the same songs over and over again. Now it's stuck in my head forever.


Amanda Z said...

There's always baking soda for the trunk (Just buy the box that's supposed to go in the refrigerator and put it in the trunk. It has little vents built in to let air in & out). You might sprinkle some in the shoes to freshen them a bit, too.

OR there's Febreze. It works on pretty much everything, haha.

Rachel said...

Two others have already suggested baking soda, but not the one with vents. Another marvelous idea. I bought some Febreze, too.