Thursday, October 27, 2005

World Rhythms

It took Blockbuster two days to get all three movies to Tulsa the first go-round. They arrived from a Dallas address. I can't give demerits yet because it took Netflix three days for me to receive my movies on the first round. However, I now generally receive Netflix movies the day after they're shipped. Speaking of which, click on the picture of my queue taken Wednesday night.

See how it says two are shipping Thursday? This is my first hard-core evidence of throttling, combined with the fact that my shipping confirmation emails on both movies says the movies won't arrive until Monday. I find it hard to believe the the Oklahoma City distribution center wouldn't have either of these movies. So, they're either shipping from a far away distribution center OR they're not really shipping them until Friday or Saturday. This time that's ok because I am a little backed up on my movie watching right now. I have 7 I need to watch over the weekend + The first six episodes of Michael Moore's The Awful Truth TV series.
See, I knew that the Tulsa PAC wasn't being all nice. Tonight's World Rhythms performance was the final dress rehearsal. It was the mentee's first ballet and the first ballet I have atteneded since my brother performed in Tulsa Ballet's The Nutcracker. 5 years? I forgot how much I love ballet. It's good that I like some form of expressive art because I was feeling completely unculturized after I bought a season of opera tickets a few years back only to find that I hate opera. My thoughts on this ballet trilogy:

* Corset bottoms on guys look interesting. Especially when their butts hang out. I would have enjoyed this if they weren't just skin and muscle. As it was, they just looked weird.

* Dress rehearsal night is the night tickets are given to charitable organizations. This fact provided an interesting array of dress. On one end of the spectrum, there was a large woman wearing construction boots, an Army T-shirt, a fancy hat with a feather in it, and Mickey Mouse leggings. On the other end was a woman wearing a sloppy white dressy suit, including gloves. She also had a rose pinned in her hair. Before the show, she say by the mentee and me. When she looked to the left, the rose would poke me in the head.

* I sat on the row with the understudy dancers. At least I think they were the understudies as their faces were in the Intermission book. It was a constant reminder of the fact that I am not very cultured and am not a size negative five.

* Bach music mixed with African chants/music is way cool sounding.

* 15th and 16th century Italian music sucked.

* If you are a mentor, please remember that in the midst of an activity the focus should primarily be on your mentee, not on your significant other/girlfriend/boyfriend. I had to sit next to another mentor from my group that was more interested in his girlfriend's fingernails and legs than his mentee. It just didn't feel right to me.


Amanda Z said...

I don't know if caught my reply to your comment on the text messaging thing, but it's there if you want to see it.
I'm still waiting to find out if my DVDs came today.

What are corset bottoms? Are you talking like garter belts? Cuz what kind of ballet WAS this? Hehe

Rachel said...

Corset bottoms might not be the best description, but I didn't know what else to call them. The costumes the men were wearing for the first ballet looked very similar to women's shapewear. Or what I like to refer to as "suck your butt in stuff." Imagine something similar to this only shiny and made for the stage.

It was a modern ballet. It reminded me of a cross between traditional ballet (e.g., pretty skirts, graceful movements, etc) and crap modern dance (e.g., just crap if you've ever seen a troupe of it. Unfortunately, I have).